Accenture collaborated with India’s premium online video streaming platform Hotstar to deliver many big streaming milestones, including the recent VIVO Indian Premier League 2018 finals, which established the world record for the highest observed concurrency on a streaming platform, at 10.3 million concurrent viewers.

Leveraging Accenture Video Solution (AVS) that powered a part of its platform, Hotstar delivered uninterrupted, interactive sports viewing experiences to millions of sports fans globally.

Changing the video streaming game

“Accenture was a fabulous partner for us right from the beginning,” said Uday Shankar, Chairman and CEO of Star India and President of 21st Century Fox in Asia. “They were critical to our success and always deeply committed to the mission of building a world class service in Hotstar. We value their contributions to the amazing journey that we have had to build an outstanding global consumer Internet service out of India.”

“In 2014, when we started conceiving of Hotstar, we chose Accenture to help us put together a platform that was world class. Over the last four years, Accenture has been an important partner in helping us build a service that has, today, established many global benchmarks. They played an instrumental role in accelerating our time to market. Even as we pivot to our own platform supported by an outstanding in-house product, design and engineering team, we have valued the tremendous contribution Accenture has made in helping us put together the foundations of a hugely successful service.”

–Ajit Mohan, CEO of Hotstar

Accenture was a fabulous partner for us right from the beginning. They were critical to our success.

Strategy and Solution

The innovative Hotstar service was launched in 2015 using Accenture Video Solution software platform, Accenture’s micro-service video management and distribution software platform, delivered by Accenture’s Advanced Technology Center India.


Using AVS, Hotstar offers its customers seamless video playback for video-on-demand and Live, smart search, and the ability to support advertising and subscription-based business revenue models.


The service combines the agility and power of Accenture Video Solution, which consists of a cloud-based infrastructure, micro-services with DevOps enablers and AI-enabled operations.


The products and technologies from Accenture have contributed to the Hotstar platform, providing critical capabilities as part of a Web-scale architecture that can react in real time to consumer demands.

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"Working with Hotstar engineering teams to build disruptive innovations and operating a highly engaging video at scale, we have been successful in making digital TV a reality for millions of people.”
–Sef Tuma, Accenture Digital Video Global Lead.


Hotstar established the world record for the highest observed concurrency on a streaming platform, at 10.3 million concurrent viewers.


It is India’s largest premium streaming platform with more than 100,000 hours of TV shows, movies, live sports and live news in 18 languages.


Launched in early 2015, Hotstar is one of India’s most downloaded apps and has attracted more than 350 million followers.

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Used with permission from Star Plus (Star India Pvt. Ltd.)

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