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Empowering Women

At Accenture, we’re committed to gender equality—we want more women in our workforce, more female role models in STEM, and more benefits for working parents. In fact, we’ve already exceeded our goal of ensuring 40 percent of our new hires are women. And because we can't have gender equality without equal pay, Ellyn Shook, Chief Leadership & Human Resources Officer, spoke about Accenture’s commitment to equality on Equal Pay Day:​​



A woman’s ability to define and achieve her goals – and to evolve them over time – creates the opportunity to pursue and integrate career and personal interests and responsibilities. We strive to help our women access the global network to create their plans, evolve them during different life stages, have the confidence to ask for the next role and take risks along the way. As more women pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, Accenture has created unique programs to support our women:

Working Mothers

For the 14th consecutive year, Working Mother magazine has included Accenture in the “100 Best Companies for Working Mothers,” including us in the top 10.

Building a family requires a different approach to how a professional manages everyday life and Accenture recognises this by providing parents with the Maternity Returners Programme. This programme helps ease the transition back into the workforce by providing career guidance and support for finding ideal re-entry roles.

In addition, Accenture recognises the unique needs of professionals in the workplace by providing flexible work arrangements and a range of work/life programmes that encourage balance between work and personal priorities.

Learn more about we provide a progressive workplace that supports a variety of modern lifestyles. ​


International Women's Day

IWD 2017: A Repeat Performance

It’s never too late to celebrate the accomplishments of women across the globe. If you missed last month’s International Women’s Day events—or just want to take a deeper dive into what you’ve already seen—there’s still time to view instant replays of our celebrations in Hong Kong, Frankfurt and New York. Innovative experts from Accenture and beyond shared inspirational experiences of passionate women across the globe who are changing the world and Leading in the New.

Want more? For a more in-depth glimpse into the ways women are defining their own definitions of success, Accenture also offers an annual research report on the present and future for women in the workforce. This year’s report, “Getting to Equal 2017: Closing the Gender Pay Gap,” focuses on three factors that are critical to closing the gender pay gap. Research predicts that zeroing in on digital fluency, career strategy and immersion in technology will pave the path to getting to equal—faster.

Opportunities still await. Explore ways to innovate and Lead in the New when you relive our IWD 2017 events, and read through our annual research today to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s paving the way to closing the gender pay gap across the globe.

Training & Development

At Accenture, we recognise that the skills, capabilities and value that women bring to the table are critical to our company’s success.

To support our women’s career growth, we develop customised, innovative training that is designed to meet the specific needs of our women.

In the Developing High Performing Women course, for example, female role models help managers evaluate requirements to reach the next stage in their careers. To date, more than 1,800 women have participated in the programme.

Through these offerings, we help women expand their expertise, build their confidence and provide roadmaps for successful careers and for positioning themselves in the right roles.

Accenture's annual research reveals what's important to women and their careers

Accenture has conducted a number of original research studies on topics related to women and careers. We use these findings to help Accenture women throughout the world tackle a variety of issues to succeed in the workplace.

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