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We are committed to ensuring an inclusive environment for our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees across the globe. Embracing our diverse culture and inspiring collaboration is key to the way we do things at Accenture.

Our Approach

Watch our video about being an LGBT Ally.

Our commitment

We are dedicated to raising awareness and educating our Accenture people about the LGBT community, while simultaneously supporting our LGBT employees worldwide. This commitment reflects our core values, which shape our culture, define our character, and foster our ability to help our clients achieve high performance.

Our policies

We adhere to strict non-discrimination and meritocracy policies and provide a clear, open line of communication between employees and management. Recognising that individual countries may have unique laws affecting the LGBT community, we work to ensure that our global policies and practices have their intended effect in all the geographies in which we operate.

Our network

To increase the engagement of our LGBT employees in local communities and geographies, we sponsor a global LGBT Network and offer a support community for transgender employees. We also run an LGBT Ally Programme where employees act as catalysts for inclusion and raise awareness for LGBT equality.

Employee Support

Accenture is proud to be a corporate leader in supporting our LGBT employees and the broader LGBT community. On a global basis, we focus on the following areas:

To build awareness and understanding of the LGBT community

To ensure the equal treatment of employees regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression, where permitted by law. Our recruitment, promotion and retention policies and guidelines make us one of the most inclusive, progressive companies in the world for LGBT people

We strive to provide identical employee benefits to same-sex and opposite sex partners in all the countries in which we operate and where permitted by law. In addition, in the US, we offer comprehensive health benefits for US-based transgender employees, including coverage for hormone therapy, mental health counseling and transgender-specific surgeries

Professional development
To facilitate career growth and encourage networking and mentoring amongst our LGBT employees

LGBT Networks

Accenture’s Global LGBT Network brings our LGBT community and LGBT Allies together for networking, collaboration and mentoring—providing a vibrant force to our high-performance culture.

Our local LGBT Network groups help raise awareness of – and prevent – sexual orientation or gender identity and expression discrimination at Accenture, identify how our policies may affect same-sex couples around the world, drive diverse programmes and events and liaise with other local LGBT organisations and groups.

The LGBT Network is open to all employees. In the last year, thousands of Accenture employees joined the Network as Allies, taking equal responsibility for helping make our work environment inclusive of LGBT employees.

The LGBT Network’s essential contribution to Accenture helps ensure sure that:

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