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Career opportunities for armed forces professionals


Armed forces professionals are known for their strong work ethic, commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and ability to succeed in a challenging environment - showcasing many of the same core values we live here at Accenture. The lessons learned in the armed forces are very transferable to the work we do. Leadership, discipline, organisation, teamwork, and doing what it takes to get the job done are some of the areas in which armed forces experience directly applies to our work.

Accenture recognises the value that members of the Armed Forces bring to our workplace which is why Oliver Benzecry, Managing Director signed the Armed Forces Covenant on 10th March 2015.

We currently have a number of reservists and ex-forces colleagues who are using transferable skills of teamwork, organisation and leadership to succeed in a challenging business environment. In signing the covenant we have made a commitment to support your transition from Military to Civilian work, making Accenture an employer of choice for you and your families.



As a global consulting, outsourcing and technology company, we offer a wide range of interesting opportunities for those leaving the armed forces and are interested in pursuing a new career. In particular, our Health & Public Service group places a premium on individuals with security clearances and experience operating in the government environment. However, you could apply your skills across a wide range of consulting opportunities such as logistics, cyber security, or programme management working with clients across a number of industries. There are also a number of opportunities to join our Enterprise colleagues working in our corporate functions to support our business by providing expertise in areas such as business operations, finance, HR, legal, marketing & communications, sales, research and workplace management.

Or you may want to explore opportunities in Business Process Outsourcing which is a key driver of growth for Accenture and our clients. When companies are looking for new ways to achieve high performance, we can help them control their costs, reduce risk, promote collaboration and increase transparency – allow businesses to focus on what they do best. We manage specific business processes or functions, such as Procurement, HR, Finance, Supply Chain and Accounting.


Consulting Careers such as Health & Public Service, Logistics, CyberSecurity and Programme Management

Business Process Outsourcing including Procurement, HR, Finance, Supply Chain and Accounting

Enterprise roles in Business Operations, Finance, HR, Legal, Marketing & Communications, Sales, Research and Workplace Management


Through your armed forces career experience it is likely that you have lived and worked abroad, developing a keen perspective of the global economy and gaining direct experience working across borders. This international experience translates well to Accenture, as many of our career paths involve working on global teams with international clients.

One of the other most valuable skills you can transfer to Accenture is leadership. In the armed forces, leadership qualities are developed through a progressive and sequential series of carefully planned training, educational, and experiential events—a rigor similar to our own leadership development programme. Whether you end up leading a small group of technology professionals or an international team working in several geographies, you’ll have a chance to put your leadership skills to work at Accenture.


Please search our jobs database for open positions that match your skills and interest, and follow the instructions to apply.

Keep in mind the following tips as you work on your application:

  • Find out what we're looking for.

  • Review our website to learn about our business and the type of candidates we seek.

  • Understand the position’s qualifications.

  • Know how your skills and interests relate to the position you’re applying for.

  • Be thorough.

  • Ensure that you read each question carefully and answer it in full—the questions we ask are vital to our screening process.

  • Think carefully about how to demonstrate your strengths on the form.

  • Don't just list your achievements—explain how you've used your skills and experiences.

  • Use examples from a wide range of situations.

  • Be sure you check your form before submitting.

  • Keep a copy of your application to reread before your interview.



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