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Marketing and Communications Internships at Accenture

Internship opportunities for graduates in Marketing and Communications at Accenture.


Our Marketing and Communications team builds Accenture’s brand, protects its reputation, generates awareness of the company’s capabilities and services, and plays an integral role in supporting sales growth. Our teams are involved in a range of activities from advertising, media relations, PR, sponsorships, social media and internal communications to brand management and thought leadership initiatives.

We’re hiring across our dynamic marketing function for graduate interns to begin in September 2018 on a 6-month contract. Read below to find out more about the roles on offer, the application process and to hear from some of our current marketing interns.

Applications are now closed.


Business Area Marketing

Business Area Marketing

Our Business Area teams are responsible for marketing all of Accenture’s key business offerings in Strategy, Digital, Technology and Operations to our clients. They help build compelling stories around our expertise and differentiate us from our competitors. This can include large campaigns centred on our headline pieces of research, like the annual Technology Vision report, or organising smaller events targeted at specific client issues. They also run our UK Digital and Technology twitter channels.

Industry Marketing

Industry Marketing

The Industry Marketing team is responsible for building Accenture’s reputation in the marketplace and raising awareness of its client projects and its views on key issues across the following industry sectors: Financial Services, Health & Public Services, Communications, Media & Technology, Products and Resources.

Employer Brand

Employer Brand

The Employer Brand team is responsible for building Accenture's employer brand within the marketplace and maximising our organisation's reputation as an employer of choice. The team delivers Accenture's entry level and experienced hire campaigns for the UK. They also assist the business in achieving targets for diversity recruitment, develop targeted campaigns for niche roles and manage our UK careers social media channels.

Hospitality and Sponsorships Marketing

Hospitality and Sponsorships Marketing

The Hospitality and Sponsorships team are responsible for managing Accenture's relationships with some of the UK's leading arts, cultural and sporting organisations and Accenture’s hospitality programme. As well as ensuring maximum value for Accenture and showcasing some of our most innovative technology, they also deliver crucial benefits for clients and employees.

Media and Relationships Marketing

Media and Relationships Marketing

The Media and Analyst Relations team is responsible for protecting and building Accenture's reputation in the marketplace, by raising awareness of its client projects and its views on key industry issues through targeted media outlets. This involves liaising with journalists to develop relationships and place stories, writing news releases, media pitches and articles, as well as training, briefing and scheduling interviews for Accenture’s spokespeople.

Innovation Marketing

Innovation Marketing

The Innovation marketing team helps cement Accenture’s position at the forefront of technological change. Accenture Innovation is built around three areas, The Innovation Centre, Open Innovation and The Innovation Programme. Meaning the team helps promote the work that Accenture Innovation is doing both internally and externally. Whether it’s supporting hackathons, promoting the launch of new innovation initiatives or developing case studies of our latest cutting edge technology, they’re helping highlight the creative expertise in our Innovation Team.

Advertising and Local Image

Advertising and Local Image

Advertising - The Global Advertising team monitors and ensures the smooth operation of our international advertising campaigns. This involves working closely with our external agencies and ensuring that processes such as translations for our local markets and adaptations for the different mediums used for advertising are all brand compliant and showcase the best of Accenture.

Local Image - The Local Image team builds Accenture’s reputation within the UK. This includes managing our UK webpages and creating engaging blog articles, as well as organising events throughout the year, such as for International Women’s Day in March.

Internal Communications

Internal Communications

The Internal Communications team ensure that key messages and information are properly communicated to everyone at Accenture UK. For an organisation our size, this is an essential role and includes regular newsletters, creative employee engagement campaigns, events for specific areas of the business and managing our internal social media channels. There is both a central team and specific teams for each area of Accenture, ensuring that campaigns are both coordinated and tailored to specific groups.

Client Relationship and Business Development Marketing

Client Relationship and Business Development Marketing

The Connecting for Growth (C4G) team is responsible for supporting business development within the UK. Built around three areas, Client Centric Marketing, Opportunity Centric Marketing and social media for business development, they support client account and bid teams to help deepen relationships with clients, build highly targeted campaigns around specific bids and help employees understand the benefits of social media for business development. This can include everything from organising coaching our senior leadership to network effectively, to building engaging social media campaigns around must win bids.


Step 1 – Online application

Step 2 – Digital video interview

Step 3 – Written exercise

Step 4 – Assessment centre (June)

How do I apply?

Please include a covering letter along with your CV as part of your application. This is a mandatory part of your application in order to be considered for the role. The covering letter must be no longer than a page and clearly state why you are interested in a career in Marketing and Communications with Accenture.

If you are successful in your application, the internship will begin in September 2018.

Applications are now closed.




When did you start the Marketing and Communications internship and which teams have you worked in?
I started in the September 2015 Internship intake and I worked in the CMT Industry marketing team for a year before moving into the Client Marketing team.

How has your career progressed since you started here at Accenture?
In the move to the Client Marketing team I was promoted to Senior Analyst.

What has been the most enjoyable project you have been involved in?
As crazy and hectic as the sales environment is, I do enjoy opportunity centric marketing. The excitement and buzz of pushing the boat with creative ideas and the pressure of deadlines, has allowed me to see the full lifecycle of a marketing strategy from ideation to execution, I’ve been involved with everyt single stage of the process and have had the pleasure to stand at the end of the lifecycle, knowing I’ve helped create that.

Why do you think the internship is a good programme for recent graduates?
It is a great programme as it provides insight into the Business to Business marketing environment, where you are working with an established brand and marketing it to various stakeholders of different natures. So you learn quickly what it entails to be a part of such a big operation and how you can add value to it.

What top tips would you give to applicants for this year’s graduate marketing internship at Accenture?
Be yourself. Only you have the skillset, talent and abilities that you bring, partnered with your personality you’ll be able to see where you fit in Accenture, and at that point, that’s where all the fun starts.

“As someone who loves all things digital, I’m certainly in the right place to develop my career.”

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, our own website – I work across them all and more. So as someone who loves all things digital, I’m certainly in the right place to develop my career.

Social media is the platform to get Accenture out there, showcase what we’re doing in the digital space, engage with people and demonstrate how we’re different. I get a real buzz out of facilitating social media campaigns which show how we’re Leading in the NEW.

Looking after everything with a digital orientation means I can’t work in isolation, and collaborating with so many people across teams has really brought me out of my shell. Since joining Accenture less than a year ago, my communication skills have improved by leaps and bounds. I’ve also attended various courses to overcome any gaps in my skill set. That’s the great thing about Accenture: if you feel you need to upskill in a particular area, just say so and the company will make it happen.

Support also comes from my colleagues. Accenture offers a very friendly and social environment where people can be themselves. Everyone is approachable and forthcoming, more than willing to meet up outside office hours if you want a chat. If you have an issue with anything, there is always someone you can go to who will listen and help you achieve your goals.

Before I joined the company, I saw Accenture as very corporate – but in some respects, I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s a very inclusive organisation, with lots going on. I think that projects such as #InclusionStartsWithI really show our true colours, and I speak as a committed LGBT ally. I’m now proud to say that I work for Accenture and I’m never shy when talking about the great things the company does.

I also enjoy a good work-life balance – obviously there are peaks and troughs in the working year, but when needed I can manage work to fit around my life. I’m seriously into football and took part in a Corporate Functions football tournament to raise money for those affected by the Grenfell Tower disaster last year. There’s more to come on the football front, so watch this space!

“We create something interesting and exciting so people can engage with us and think of Accenture a little differently.”

There are so many positive stories coming out of Accenture at the moment and it’s our job to make sure the world knows about them. That could involve talking about our best in class inclusion and diversity policies, showcasing how we’re taking our clients into the NEW or creating impactful thought leadership content.

Accenture has invested serious time and money in its brand. The job of the 10-strong team I lead is to protect that brand and enhance the company’s reputation. We do this by generating positive media coverage that targets a variety of audiences: clients, employees, potential employees and industry thought leaders included.

Our aim is to create something interesting and exciting so people can follow our story, engage with us and think of Accenture a little differently. Day to day, the work is very diverse. For me, it’s the variety and unpredictability which makes the job – and Accenture – so appealing. There’s a strong pull in the business to do more and more PR and media work, and when I approach stakeholders it’s usually an open door; they genuinely are experts in their field and have a strong desire to communicate.

We have some very bright and able people on the team who want to improve on the strong base we’ve established and drive the business forward – that’s what gets me up in the morning. They want to make a difference and they can. I’ve been in PR for 20 years, spending time both agency- and client-side and am excited to work with a team that I can learn from just as much as they can learn from me. Together we have all the tools we need – research, training, expert spokespeople – you name it!

What I didn’t realise before joining Accenture is just how much it has transformed over the years. Essentially, we’ve reinvented ourselves with our strong focus on digital and the NEW. I find it fascinating to be part of something that has such relevance to the business world, particularly in the way that we’re now helping clients to reinvent themselves! There’s a very powerful culture inside Accenture, which is transmitting itself to the external world.



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