The challenge standing between asset managers and emerging markets

While asset managers have moved to adopt digital technologies, few have effectively integrated them into the investment management lifecycle—a fact especially apparent in emerging markets.

Asset management firms see important opportunities in fast-growing emerging markets, but are challenged to adapt their operating and distribution models to meet the expectations of these potential clients—and this is a problem.

New markets, new expectations
Investors in emerging markets are often more reliant upon mobile technologies—not only for communications, but for performing a wide range of business activities. Want to court these investors? You’ll need to meet them more than halfway with innovative mobile applications.

New solutions required
Asset managers seeking to gain market share will need end-to-end solutions. These solutions will need to be adapted and scaled to meet the needs of each market. With an increasing number of firms doing business in multiple countries, these solutions should be able to collect, analyze and report data to support regulatory demands in each jurisdiction.

Emerging markets is just one area where digital technologies and analytics have created opportunities for asset managers to improve their positions with investors, while strengthening key functions. As the asset management landscape changes, so must asset managers.

It is increasingly apparent that business as usual is no longer enough. Agility will be the name of the game for future success, and will allow asset managers to quickly address challenges as they arise and adapt to change more rapidly.

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