Adoption of new technologies, such as Artificial intelligence, is recognised as a powerful catalyst for organisational transformation. But, are executives within the public sector all in on AI? What challenges do they foresee? And what approach will maximise the benefits? Bernard le Masson highlights key findings of new Accenture research on AI adoption.


We ask more than 300 civil servants in top positions all over Europe, in many, many countries, agencies and administrations. The very good news is that all of them are willing to move ahead, recognise the full potential of AI to transform the way public service operates, especially in the way interaction with customers, so the citizen experience will be transformed. They see a lot of potential and exciting things coming out.

8 out of 10 of them say “yes I want to do more with AI” and then they recognise that they need to deal with legacy systems, with the processes, with the skills of the people in their teams and that is where we need to push for some of the things to evolve, bringing right the new skills which are needed to deal with AI, with data, with Applied Intelligence.

The way we look at it at Accenture, is a holistic view of how you deal with analytics, data and all of the algorithms, ensuring that we get the right unconscious bias of AI being managed and we want to recognise that it is an ecosystem of really working with businesses, NGOs and GovTech startups.

So I am very confident that technology has a role but not only technology, it is really the human plus technology approach, which we strongly believe in at Accenture and all of the government players we are interacting with, think the same, the combination of the human power with technology to support AI being kind of the new frontier here, will provide much better quality of service and efficiency for citizens – I am very confident.


Bernard Le Masson

Managing Director – Strategy, Public Service Lead

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