Digital transformation in action: Accenture @ Google Next

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January 09, 2020
Digital transformation in action: Accenture @ Google Next
By: Siddharth Mehta

On the 20th and 21st November, representatives from across Google’s cloud ecosystem gathered in London for Google Next: two days jam-packed with keynote presentations, panel discussions and breakout sessions focused on all things cloud. Accenture was represented in force, with colleagues from across our business attending to meet with partners, clients and prospects from across the Google Cloud universe.

The cloud’s never been more important

This year’s event comes at a critical time for businesses in the UK and beyond. A recent research study by Accenture revealed a fact that will give many pause for thought: the top ten businesses in terms of innovation excellence are generating twice the revenue of the bottom 25% of innovation laggards. The cloud is a key differentiator: 95% of innovation leaders have adopted sophisticated cloud services, like serverless computing, compared to just 30% of laggards.

It’s something we at Accenture see every day with our clients. The cloud is the foundation to everything from DevOps to machine intelligence; contact centre transformation to revenue growth. It breaks down business siloes and brings data together in one place where businesses can gain unprecedented insights into their customers and operations while enabling automation. But haphazard or piecemeal cloud adoption won’t deliver the transformational change businesses expect; only those that embrace it completely will enjoy the full benefits.

Banking on the cloud

At Google Next, one of our aims was to illustrate the benefits a complete cloud transformation can deliver. We did just that in a special breakout session, which focused on our work with Atom bank. Having established the UK’s first mobile-only bank, Atom bank found that its traditional data centre approach was limiting its growth and agility. The company realised it was time for a new, cloud core. Using the Google Cloud Platform, we supported the bank to develop its own DevOps Cloud engineering and delivery capability to produce Atom’s cloud-first infrastructure from scratch. As a result, Atom can now build, release and scale products much faster and is in full control of its own infrastructure.

Demonstrating the future

We also took the opportunity provided by Google Next to demo some of the ways in which Accenture is leveraging the Google Cloud Platform to enable breakthrough performance. One demo that proved to be a particular hit with attendees was around running SAP on the Google Cloud Platform. We presented this demo at the Accenture Booth and the Google SAP innovation area, and it also formed part of the event’s overall SAP Passport demo showcase. In the presentation, we reviewed the benefits of moving SAP to the Google Cloud Platform, outlined Accenture’s approach to running SAP on Google, and showcased the differentiated tools and assets we have built to benefit our customers.

Another demo that proved popular at the show focused in on the red-hot topic of customer care transformation through AI. This presentation provided us with the perfect platform to highlight our conversational AI capabilities and showcase how Accenture is transforming customer care through AI – exceeding customers’ expectations and reducing operational costs in the process.

The culture of the cloud

This was only a small part of our programme at the show, which also included presentations and demos on topics as diverse as marketing intelligence, IoT and data management. What was clear during these demos, and indeed from many of the other presentations and conversations at Google Next, is that technology is only one facet to effective cloud transformation: cultural change is equally important.

Thanks to the intuitive tools delivered by the platform, anyone can use the Google Cloud Platform and spin up innovative ideas into testable proof of concepts with ease. The right cloud approach empowers everyone in the organisation to contribute to innovation, and it’s one of the reasons that cloud-first businesses are more likely to succeed.

Our Accenture team came away from Google Next inspired and energised by the rich source of information available for businesses looking to take that next step to becoming a truly agile, innovation-centric organisation. It’s a step that all businesses must take if they’re to remain competitive.

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