November 21, 2019
Work that has a measurable impact
By: Elizabeth (Lisa) Tung

Before joining Accenture, I worked for a consulting company in Mauritius and loved the variety of projects the consulting world provided. I was part of a team who developed the pensions system for the government of an African country, worked on migrating the Trade Finance systems of one of major commercial banks, implemented a stock management system for a ministry of health, developed and maintained a Business Intelligence solution for trade marketeers deployed to over 35 countries.

I joined Accenture London in 2012 as part of the Oracle Technical Architect group, specialising in Business Intelligence (also known as BI, Analytics or Datawarehouse). The transition from a tropical island like Mauritius to a mega city like London had its challenges but having already travelled a fair bit, I soon settled in and was ready to hit the ground running!

For the first couple of years, I worked mainly on BI projects for various industries (utilities, finance, health agency, construction). They were focused on helping our clients capitalise on one of their most valuable assets, data, to take informed, strategic decisions, to have the competitive advantage against their competitors and/or to better understand and improve their internal processes’/back office’s effectiveness.

With the rapid evolution of technologies, the complexity of the projects was also increasing and I found myself having the opportunity to manage larger and more complex projects. On one of a major transformation programmes that I was part of, our client had embarked on the construction of an energy generating site that would provide energy to over 60million homes for at least 60 years! We helped our client with the implementation of a wide array of systems, from setting-up the cloud infrastructure to defining governance processes to ensure standardisation and compliance to the industry standards of the various projects being delivered by multiple parties. Agile methodology was used to deliver some projects whilst some of our colleagues introduced the client to our new FORM framework.

Another challenging programme I was part of, was to work with various teams to help our client, an international financial institution, to logically split the organisation into two legal entities following a mandate from the Bank of England. One of the main success criteria of the programme was that it should have minimum impact on the millions of customers of our client. This translated into identifying and migrating customer records to the new legal entities from all the back-office systems with minimal disruption to these customers located in various countries. I was responsible for the delivery of two workstreams, executed by client resources and third-party providers: to identify and configure the services and products required to support the downstream systems migration as well as the identification and processing of the customers impacted by the legal separation. The programme was successfully delivered and was the winner of our internal ‘Greater Than Awards’.

Every project I have worked on has been different and it has helped to build up my skills and experience through learning from the people I interact with whilst also sharing my experience with the teams I work with. I also had the opportunity to travel to various parts of the UK, from Edinburgh to Southampton! I must admit that the most memorable working location must have been in a portacabin overlooking green pastures with cattle grazing lazily during the summer!

In a nutshell, it is the variety of projects that keeps me here. I am always looking forward to the next project as a new adventure where I can make an impact at the end of the day. Within Accenture, we also get the opportunity to be part of initiatives that promote our own people. One initiative that I hold close to my heart is our Technology Returners programme. As a mentor, my role was to provide guidance to potential candidates who are returning to work after a break and it was very rewarding when my mentee joined the organisation at the end of the process. She has settled in very well and we are now good friends! I am also an I&D ally and a member of the Asia Pacific Community Network.

At Accenture there’s always something interesting to do if you’re up for a challenge. We are exposed to the new technologies and at the forefront of innovation and this helps us to make an impact at our clients and subsequently to society at large!

If you’re looking for a career that offers challenge and variety, search our current opportunities via our website.

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