August 03, 2022
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By: Aimen Mobin

Aimen Mobin

For International Women’s Day earlier this year the Accenture Salesforce Business Group (SFBG) ran a little awareness piece around breaking the bias and I was encouraged to post a personal video on LinkedIn talking about all the incredible women at Accenture who have motivated me get to where I am today. That being said, one of the most amazing things at Accenture (especially at SFBG) is that everyone, no matter what their level, will inspire and help you succeed. I’m pretty vocal when it comes to diversity whether it’s about women’s issues or disability rights and I’m always proud to help showcase what can be achieved here irrespective of your background, so another initiative that that I wrote about was ‘This Little Girl is Me’ telling my story rooting from my childhood ambitions, where I grew up and my journey so far in Accenture – with the hope that it inspired people to think about what they too can achieve in the right environment.

I joined Accenture as a Technology Analyst back in late 2018 and was completely new to tech (coming from a business and marketing background). I participated in a 4-day spring insight programme (Accenture Tech Visionaries) and then got offered to start out as a technology architecture delivery graduate analyst in TAG (Technology Analyst Group) and remember being quite overwhelmed (by the title alone itself!), given the uncertainty and lack of confidence in myself to step out of my comfort zone at the time, based on my academic background. I now look back and I’m so glad I decided to join Accenture, and I’m still very active in helping out our TAGs- it’s great to be able to reassure them by welcoming them into the practice and answering any questions based on my own experience and by just being a point of contact for any other support they may need – that’s something that I’ve always held very closely, people development and offering support to help new joiners find their feet.

I’ve been involved with our Salesforce onboarding team for about a year now and have just recently taken over as our Salesforce UKI Onboarding Lead - in connection with our People Advocacy Network (PAN) and have seen some incredible talent coming in. It’s great to have opportunities within Accenture that expand beyond your project work. As part of the onboarding team, we have jointly devised processes to support our people as much as possible (such as our buddy programme and international new joiner guides that have also been now widely adopted across Accenture Technology UKI Onboarding). As Onboarding Lead it’s key to me that our new joiners feel welcomed, supported, and can approach our team should they need any help in navigating our practice at all.

I’m also proud to be a trained Mental Health and LGBTQ+ Ally within our practice, so always up for an open and honest conversation with anyone that needs support. I became a Mental Health Ally pretty early on in my career and the training for that was one of the best sessions I’ve done in Accenture so far. I was so impressed and touched with how real, personal, and vulnerable the discussions were, both from the people conducting the training and from those receiving the training.

Away from all the extra-curricular and side-of-desk work, I’m a Business and Integration Architecture Associate Manager (very long title, I’m aware!) within the Salesforce Business Group. I would say my Accenture career so far has been an enjoyable but very humbling experience, and I’m very grateful for how timely my progression journey has been so far, which I would surely not have anticipated when I first joined as a nervous but curious analyst back in 2018. I think what really led me to such a swift progression was that I was trusted with responsibility to take real ownership of my projects from the get go, which has helped challenge me and push myself a bit further. But, more importantly, it’s also down to the people I have worked with who have been incredible mentors - my line managers, people lead and even team members – all who have been very supportive, eager to help and are always ready to provide feedback to help me improve and upskill. So, for me, it’s the people from Accenture especially from our Salesforce Practice, who have genuinely made me enjoy my Accenture experience and have played an important role in making my career progression journey a smooth one.

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