January 26, 2016
Introductions – Why I Landed Here
By: Will Johnson

Welcome to my first blog! This is where I am going to attempt to give you all a regular update on my time at Accenture and what actually happens here. I thought I’d start with the “before” Accenture – as in why I am actually here.

But first – a bit about me at Accenture. I joined in September through the Consulting Industrial Placement. Currently, I work within Financial Services Technology Strategy and have just rolled off a project with a large UK banking client. Some people find FS (Financial Services) a bit daunting compared to other parts of Accenture as it can be somewhat more conservative, but actually, FS presents a great opportunity going forward and is one of our big growth areas.

There is HUGE disruption approaching the financial services industry from every angle – whether that be a typical retail banking client, a payments or credit system, capital markets (investment banks) or insurance companies. The whole spectrum is undergoing big change whereby the traditional banking business model is coming under unprecedented threat. Just consider some of the factors below (and maybe use them in your interviews):

  • Cost Pressures: historically low interest rates and ever-expanding amounts of regulation and compliance results in a low return on equity in this sector and huge cost pressures.
  • Disruptors: financial technology companies are reducing the need for intermediaries and operationally, robotics and automation are needed to streamline processes.
  • Changing Customers: today, customers expect an enhanced use of analytics and demand a more omni-channel personalised service and digital experience - requiring the branch experience to be revolutionised – not closed.

This makes being in FS a very exciting time, but it’s not for this blog, so you can read more here.

So, why Accenture? If you go to any graduate recruitment event, you’ll hear phrases such as: how we’re “at the intersection of business and technology” and we’re all about “High Performance. Delivered” which is great, but doesn’t necessarily tangibly explain why you would want to work here. There are lots of reasons, but to avoid a headache, I’ve summarised my top three:

#1 We’re Well-Positioned
In case you did not know already, we have 94 of the current Fortune Global 100 and over 80% of the Fortune 500 as our clients, the majority of which we have retained for over ten years. We are on the right side of the curve because we offer dynamic services from inception to implementation to execution which combined with our technology alliances, gives us a huge advantage. We can even help run aspects of a client business through outsourcing. This means we can work on some of the largest, most client critical engagements which gives great exposure early-on in your career (especially when you are still at uni), bringing with it a strong learning curve and responsibility. It’s those moments when you finally discover and master something that you didn’t know before that makes working here great.

#2 We’re Truly Global
This leads us to the second great part of working here – we are a truly global firm. We employ over 368,000 people which brings with it a huge on-demand knowledge bank of information. To put that in perspective, since I joined in September 2015, another 9% of our firm have joined after! The most noticeable aspect of our global nature is the collaboration of knowledge – whether it be an in-depth analysis of our competitor weaknesses, a large piece of research on sector developments, a ready-made presentation, a methodology or just a question – you will find what you need.

#3 We’ve Got Great Values and Culture
A Manager once told me he felt like Accenture had “great character and personality” compared to other companies – and I completely agree, there is a great vibe here. You’re absolutely encouraged here to be yourself and express your personality – whether that be playing a Goat Simulator game – or something else. My team went as far as to buy me a t-shirt about that game for Christmas! Our core values are: Client Value Creation, One Global Network, Best People, Respect for the Individual, Integrity and Stewardship. I consider the last one very unique to us because it’s a value you rarely hear officially in other organisations but it is so critical – this idea that we are better today than we were yesterday and that we leave everything better than we find it.

Well, that’s me – for now. In future, I’ll talk about some of the great training we have here, my projects, role-searching, some of the great benefits as well as what our charity days are all about and some of our social events – or who knows, maybe I’ll just write about something random – so watch this space.

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