August 10, 2017
Why I’m passionate about increasing the visibility of bisexuals
By: Sian Jones, Digital Business Integration Consultant

When I first joined I wasn’t out really to anyone – not really even to myself – but after about six or so months at being at Accenture, I started becoming more involved with the LGBT network, because someone else on my project was LGBT and was very open about it. I got myself on the mailing list but I didn’t want to be out as I still wasn’t sure about myself. There wasn’t much about bisexuals in the media, it was very much lesbian or gay and I didn’t identify with either of those. As I became more comfortable at Accenture, I started talking more to people in the LGBT network, and I started being more sure about who I was. Then the opportunity came to become the Bi rep for the LGBT network. So, I came out quite openly.

I’m really passionate about increasing the visibility of bisexuals and understanding how we differ from other parts of LGBT, and from heterosexual people. I’ve been given free range as Bi rep. My focus this year is enhancing the visibility of bisexuals, and understanding and exploring the different, slightly damaging myths there might be, and if there’s any truth in them or where the confusion lies.

I’d definitely say that Accenture’s culture was a big factor in my coming out. I hadn’t really realised how unique the firm was when I was applying. And it hadn’t really occurred to me to look for LGBT- friendly firms because I wasn’t really out.

I definitely feel happier now. It’s not like I was deliberately hiding anything before but there was part of myself that I wasn’t quite acknowledging. I’d say that I’ve become more confident as I’ve gone on, and part of that is knowing that maybe I can help other people by being more visible.

I marched in the Pride festival last summer and it was absolutely incredible to be marching with people who I work with who are all extremely passionate and proud and open. And that feeling of community – that was a really special moment. I’ve found a real community here which is lovely. I feel a lot more confident in my work and in my personal life now. It’s given me an opportunity to do excellent things like this, and try and be more of a role model for other people – so that’s really exciting.

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