May 22, 2017
Who am I?
By: Nathan Davies

Before I start blogging about what my application process was like I think I should introduce myself. My name is Nathan, I’m 23 and I joined Accenture as an Analyst in March (my first day was my birthday…).

I spent my teen years living and studying in Germany before moving on to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Warwick for 4 years. The final of these years was spent frantically applying for graduate jobs but not having any idea of what I wanted to do, so when Accenture popped up I thought, ‘why not?’.

I was due to start at Accenture back in September but my start date was deferred, meaning I suddenly had 6 months to kill, during which I decided that I would do some volunteering at a football related charity as this is where my true passion lies…

From a young age football has always taken centre stage, from the pain associated with being a Liverpool fan to the joys of playing every Wednesday at university. This meant that upon joining Accenture the question which pained me most was how do I fit football around my work?

Now we’ve got the ‘formalities’ out of the way, I think it’s now time to proceed with telling you a bit about the process that got me here.

I still vividly remember the night before my assessment centre, being worried because it was not only my first assessment centre, but my only graduate scheme application that seemed to be going anywhere. The only thing relaxing me was that I thought my video interview had gone terribly, so if I had made it through that maybe there was hope.

I arrived in London the night before and stayed at a family friend’s house, who had gone through similar processes around twenty years beforehand. He could tell I was nervous so tried to make me feel at ease, and one of the stories he told me about his experiences stuck with me. When he arrived at his assessment centre he did not have a clue what he was doing, he did not understand the information he was bombarded with, and he was ready to accept that he was not going to be getting the job. That was until one of his colleagues on the assessment centre decided it was too much and got up to leave, at which point he told her that none of them had any idea what to do, and that they needed her help to even begin to understand what was happening. Despite not knowing what was going on he had demonstrated he was a team player who could make those around him comfortable and bring out the best in others.

This advice was invaluable to me going into the assessment centre, as instead of focusing on myself solely on the tasks set, I decided to focus on those around me. From the start of the day I was actively trying to include those around me, bringing in those perhaps less vocal than others. Given that my knowledge of the assessment centre subject was non-existent and my interview was less than perfect I believe that my attitude is why I am at Accenture now.

If I can give any advice to those coming into assessment centres it would be that you are not competing with the people around you. If Accenture wants to take you all on then they will, and you are far more likely to get through the process by helping others to be their best.

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