January 06, 2020
Where you can go as far as you want
By: Liljana Koci

I joined Accenture just under a year ago as a Senior Software Engineer but within a few months, I have completely changed career path on my current project and I’m now working as a Functional Lead. I went from the development/programming side on my current project to more client-focused work – it’s totally different to anything I’ve done so far but I’m really enjoying the challenge and opportunity. Additionally, I’ve just come back from one of the best business trips I ever had spending a month in Japan as part of my project!

We were in Japan for the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and then to the launch the project and manage the aftercare. Accenture colleagues from 14 different countries were involved for this project. It was such a great experience to be working in one place for the same goals. Moreover, a great chance to meet my colleagues face-to-face and tackle the complexities that were arising. The project itself was large-scale and complex and effectively it’s a platform where consumers can go on and subscribe for certain products. The complexity was that we had several integrations that needed to work together and, I was working on one of those integration streams. With the entire team being out in Japan it ensured that every member of each integration stream was there to enable the successful launch of the project.

When you’re working across different time zones that can make matters more complex. That's why it was so good to all be in one place together working to launch the project whilst ensuring total client satisfaction as it was a key piece of work for them – so much so, that it also involved a TV launch. After the month in Japan, I realised that if you work as one team with one purpose you can do great work. And, we had the opportunity to explore Tokyo and experience delicious Japanese cuisine!

Personally, I’ve learnt a lot from changing roles on the project. My previous experience was on the technical side but, by working hard and adapting to change, it gave me the chance to quickly position myself in the role and within my team. I was suddenly responsible for the relationships within the business and explaining process and progress to the client. I also needed to work closely with our developers to ensure that everything would go smoothly for the launch.

One of the newest and the most exciting tasks that I’ve been given is to help create the workshops for the client where we demonstrate the product and, as it’s the first-phase launch, we’re also looking at what we can do next and how to improve on everything we’ve done so far. It’s very much an Agile way of working.

When this project is finally finished and all phases are launched, I’m excited to think about my next challenge. I know I’ll be helping to implement the latest technologies but, it could be on a completely different kind of project and I may find myself working anywhere in the UK or even the world! That’s one of the things that I love at Accenture – you have an opportunity to find projects where you can expand your role and skills but also your horizons.

I would say to be successful here you need to work hard and be open minded, you can make the impossible possible. I’ve been working here less than a year and, before I started, I thought it was such a big company and was worried that I would feel very small in it. But I could not have been more wrong! You are given every opportunity to be recognised and people appreciate your contribution. You really can go as far as you want to, and you’ll find the support to do that.

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