September 08, 2016
What…You want an out of town project?
By: Amy Carter

For many who join Accenture after graduation, their best possible scenario is to a) get a flat in Clapham for less than £800 a month and b) get onto a London-based project.

For me the story was very different and having moved away from London for university and TeachFirst I found myself moving into a new flat with my boyfriend in Birmingham just two days before I started at Accenture. During our Analyst school training in India, conversations were quickly focussed on what would happen next - Would I get on to a project I liked? Would I be in the middle of nowhere? (Your first project is allocated to you, so valid worries!)…In fact I think I was the only person in my start group saying I hope I get an out of town project (and preferably in the West Midlands – said no one ever!).

As luck would have it, I ended up on a project in London and I thought that the next year of my life would be spent travelling between cities and spending near to no time in my new home. The reality was that actually Accenture are flexible when it comes to projects and roles and you can move yourself around industries, functional areas and locations depending on your interests and skills. I managed to move onto several really enjoyable out of town projects and for the past year I have worked on a project where I commute to work from home.

So really the key message for my first blog is not to panic about where you end up after your initial training. If you do end up on a project that isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you have all the support you need and a huge network of people that will help you to consider your options and move you somewhere that better suits your preferences and lifestyle.

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