July 05, 2016
The Way You Make Me Feel
By: Nabil Alizai

I counted them all up the other day: I own no fewer than six smart devices. Like most people my age—I’m 26—I own a smartphone and a tablet, but I also own a smartwatch, a laptop, a PC and a smart TV. I guess that makes me more of a screenager than most. Let’s put it this way: If I had to part with my digital tech for more than an hour I’d probably start having panic attacks.

Now, what’s interesting is that all of these devices, with the exception of the PC, are from the same brand. I won’t give you the name, but suffice to say they are the coolest on the market). While there is much more variety in the apps and digital content I use, I think it’s fair to say then that there are certain companies I love and others that I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. Why is that?

Well, I guess that I go to certain brands because they offer the right mix of products. Take my hardware—I’ve ended up with so much from the same brand because they have an extensive range of really cool products that work well together. I have the same joined-up experience on my phone as I do on my watch, tablet and TV and for me that’s really important.

But you know what? That’s also true of the companies I get my clothes from, order food from and get taxis from—they all have a great, joined-up user experience that makes things easy for me and which I can access over a wide range of devices. These companies are also the ones that take time to send offers, promotions and notifications to my devices and go out of their way to keep me up to date with their latest products and services.

Of course, the flip side of that is when you get companies that just can’t get the online experience right. I’m sure you’re the same as me—it’s really frustrating when the experience is poor and it’s impossible to find the stuff you want or to buy things quickly and easily. For me, it should easier to buy something on a mobile, tablet or connected TV than in a shop—that’s the whole point, right: these services are supposed to make things convenient.

So, in a nutshell, the brands that I like best are ones that know me as a person—what I like and the sorts of things I’ve bought in the past—and use this information to send me information and offers on things I love. If they can do this in a way that is simple to use and if they can produce really cool and innovative products, then they’re most of the way there.

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