June 05, 2017
Variety is the spice of life
By: Charlotte Aspinall

When arriving at Accenture on my first day, what struck me more than anything is the huge variety of work we do. From large IT transformation projects across government departments, to working with start-ups to leverage the best of new technology for bioscience clients, the breadth of work undertaken by Accenture is expansive. The obvious question anyone asks when they come into the organisation is “where do I fit in?”

Accenture is divided many ways, but as an Analyst on the Client & Market career track (that is, the consulting career track), your home will be your ‘sub-comm’ group. This is part of the business that is there to support you in finding roles and your key network when you arrive. Each sub-comm group is aligned to a different part of the business. There are sub-comms which are affiliated to certain industries – such as H&PS (Health and Public Sector). If you are aligned to this sub-comm you will work with clients such a government departments, healthcare providers and education clients. There are also sub-comms which are aligned to certain types of work, such as Digital or Strategy. If you are associated with Digital you would work with clients across all different industries, carrying out certain types of ‘digital’ work, such as app development or implementing analytics capabilities.

Regardless of the sub-comm, you will always be learning; the core skills required to be a consultant (more on these in a later post). There is no sub-comm which is better than another, it depends entirely on where you want your career to go. Get giddy about energy markets? Try Resources. Can’t wait to get stuck into Zero Based Budgeting tools? Try Strategy. Or do you, like me, prefer to use your powers for the benefit of all society? Come to Health and Public Sector.

If your first project isn’t where you want to build your career, don’t worry - you can move on! Some tips for how to do this:

1) Network
2) Network
3) Network

Okay, being less facetious, the people you know will be the people who help get you to where you want to be. So, I’d encourage you to go to networking events, ask influential people for meetings, attend charity days, do side-of-desk work (if you have capacity, don’t work weekends). It’s the sort of thing that tends to snowball; you speak to one person who loops you into sub-comm emails, where you find about networking events, at those events you meet more people and hear about more opportunities to get involved etc. etc. Just keep chipping away at it until you find your moment to jump.

The good thing about Accenture is that you could try different areas before deciding where you want to be. And then even when you’ve been in one place for a while, you can decide to move again. After eighteen months, I’m about to start my fourth project and that variety energises and excites about being here.

So, what do you want to do?

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