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August 23, 2016
Training in Madrid
By: Justyna Sabinicz

Hi there again!

In my last blog I described the RPA technology and its place within Accenture. This time I will give you a glimpse of the exciting training to which graduates aligned to the Technology Analyst Group (TAG) were invited. The TAG is an internal graduate community which I guess is a bit like your family in that it allows you to meet people across different programmes and provides you with a support network when you first join.

In October, graduates that joined Accenture and were part of the TAG were invited to attend a training course over two weeks in Madrid. I was lucky enough to attend the first slot of the trainings and we went to Madrid on the last Sunday of November. The training was taking place in the Accenture’s High Performance Centre based in NH Collection Hotel. It was such a beautiful place! With modern décor throughout, lots of light and absolutely stunning design. There was also the gym which had the latest equipment and SPA facilities…

Well the hotel was so nice, it was very hard to go out but eventually we did to do some sightseeing as well. We had the entire weekend to go around Madrid. The hotel was walking distance from the Real Madrid’s stadium – the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, so quite a large group of people went to see a match. As for me, I have never been much of a football fun so I preferred to explore the local cuisine instead. I have been to a couple of restaurants which served the best pork in the world – the Spanish Iberico kind...

But let’s go back to the topic: the trip was all about the trainings .We were introduced to the entire idea of the TAG and its purpose. We also had sessions explaining the project life cycle. The idea was to prepare us to work at any stage of a project and to be aware of peoples’ roles and their significance. We were all working in small groups consisting of 5-6 people. Not only were our team work skills challenged, but we also had to show our presentation skills on a few occasions. It was intense at times but we also had opportunities to have fun. On a few nights there were networking events organised for us. It gave us a chance to get closer together and get to know each other a bit better in a more casual setting. The best memory of the trip was the last night when we had a leaving party organised. It was a karaoke event where some very surprising talents were discovered!

Overall the trip was a great experience – it gave us a wonderful opportunity to bond and network as well as learn new things about the company and project delivery methods. All of this in very exciting settings of the wonderful city of Madrid!

I hope this post has given you an idea of what kind of events you may find yourself involved in once you join Accenture. Next time I will write about the transformation project I joined as soon as I returned back from Madrid.

Thank you for reading!


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