November 06, 2019
Three qualities you’ll need to get your Accenture career off to a flying start
By: Aaron Sherwood

When the firm you work for has more than 482,000 employees and works with 97% of the world’s largest organisations, it’s difficult not to get excited about the breadth of opportunities available. But where do you even begin? In my opinion, it begins with inquisitiveness, passion and determination. It’s the combinatory power of these three qualities which will make the difference between a good and a great experience at Accenture and I’d like to explain why:


Having studied Business Management at The University of York, I began my time at Accenture with a high-level view of the areas of greatest interest. For me, this was anything which involved ships, aircraft and implantable and wearable technologies. I was very fortunate to have begun my time working within our Aerospace & Defence practice developing skills ranging from data analysis, interrogation and insight generation through to stakeholder interviews and leading ideation sessions. Being curious and open to exploring new opportunities outside of your expertise is a great quality.

Accenture is an organisation which prides itself on its best-in-class training and development, so there’s always a plethora of resources to point you in the right direction. I mentioned my interest in implantable technologies and during my time in Aerospace & Defence, I began discussing my ideas and areas of opportunity for Accenture with Adrian Spragg, our Industry Lead. This gave me the confidence to meet with our UK CEO and Chairman, Olly Benzecry, to discuss my proposal for setting up an Intraprise. To be given the time to share my ideas with our CEO was brilliant. As a result of this, I met with Industry Leaders across our Freight, Aviation, Financial Services, Health and Public Services Client Service Group which consequently led to Human X, an area of the business which is exploring our symbiotic relationship with implantable, ingestible and wearable technologies, being established. We’re on a bit of a journey of discovery with Human X, but that’s what I love about this company. There are so many people willing to support, critique and perfect ideas.


According to Angela Duckworth, the New York Times best selling author of Grit, a passion is developed more than it is discovered. We’ve all heard the saying “love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life”. I really like this because it places emphasis on pursuing opportunities which you’re passionate about. I’m proud that Accenture has given me ample opportunities to pursue my passions and ultimately this gives me the drive I need to excel in my role. This is also supported with ongoing, constructive and forward-looking feedback. I also don’t think this is just because I’m a member of Gen Z. It’s the continual endeavour to produce an environment where we all feel comfortable bringing our complete true selves to work. It’s what Accenture call ‘Truly Human’. Truly Human isn’t an initiative; it’s a mission that we are all part of.


Having a determined mindset is crucial in Consulting. I’ve recently taken on a new role within the firm as our Industry X.0 Zone Operations Lead. For me, Industry X.0 is a particularly exciting area of the business to work in. If you think Industry 4.0 is the epitome of industrial digitisation—think again. As we transition from the ‘old world’ to the ‘new world’, I’m at the very forefront of industry transformation, which means that I get to work with clients addressing a plethora of business needs and desires. You might be questioning; how did I get this role in Accenture? Only a few months back I was working in our Aviation practice, and before that I was working within our Defence practice. One of the best parts of joining Accenture is the ability to explore new areas of the business, but to do this, having a proactive and determined mentality is important. If you have an interest in a particular Client Service Group and sector, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from pursuing your goals.

In the words of Michael Josephson, author of The Power of Character, “take pride in how far you’ve come, and look forward to how far you can go”.

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