April 25, 2017
Tech Vision 2017: Ecosystem Power Plays
By: Michael Biltz


This is the third article in this blog series exploring Technology Vision 2017. In this year’s Technology Vision, the five identified trends underscore the importance of focusing on “Technology for People” to achieve digital success.

This video explores “Ecosystem Powerplays,” the second trend featured in this year’s vision. Companies are increasingly integrating their core business functionalities with third parties and their platforms, the way leaders choose to build their portfolio of digital partners is more important than ever. Forward-thinking leaders leverage these relationships to build their role in new digital ecosystems—instrumental to unlocking their next waves of strategic growth. As they do, they’re designing future value chains that will transform their businesses, products, and even the market itself.

It’s time to look beyond the short-term gains of tactical vendor and partner relationships and consider them in the context of the larger opportunities, and challenges, for a company’s future. The race is on, as companies across industries begin to forge the relationships that will drive their next waves of unprecedented growth. An explosion of collaborative ventures between industry leaders is on the horizon, and the success of these endeavours is what determines who will lead new digital markets, and who gets left behind.

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