April 11, 2017
Tech Vision: AI is the New UI
By: Emma McGuigan


This is the second article in this Technology Vision series and the first deep dive into one of the trends featured in this year’s report. In this year’s Technology Vision, the five identified trends underscore the importance of focusing on “Technology for People” to achieve digital success.

This video looks at Technology Vision Trend 1, AI is the New UI. As AI takes over more of the user experience, it grows beyond just an intelligent interface. With each customer interaction becoming more personalised, powerful, and natural, AI moves into an even more prominent position: your businesses digital spokesperson.

AI will be a key point of distinction for businesses versus competitors, and so must be considered a core competency demanding of C-level investment and strategy. Much more than just another technology tool to help increase efficiency or generate value, AI is no longer about how your company does things—it’s who you are.

In this video, Accenture’s CMT Group Technology Officer, Emma McGuigan, answers the key questions that arise from this topic. Watch it here.

Want to hear more? Get insights directly from Accenture’s head of TechVision Michael Biltz here

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