May 26, 2017
Tech vision 2017: The unchartered
By: Michael Biltz


This is the final article in a series that looks at our Technology Vision trends of 2017. In this year’s Technology Vision, the five identified trends underscore the importance of focusing on "Technology for People" to achieve digital success.

This video looks at "The Unchartered," a trend which encourages businesses to be ambitious—to invent new industries and set new standards. They must write the new rules of engagement themselves.

As we move forward, organisations are not just creating new products and services; they’re shaping new digital industries. From technology standards, to ethical norms, to government mandates. In an ecosystem-driven digital economy, one thing is clear: A wide scope of rules still needs to be defined.

We believe that to fulfil their digital ambitions, companies must take on a leadership role to help shape the new rules of the game. Those who take the lead will find a place at or near the centre of their new ecosystem, while those that don’t risk being left behind.

To thrive, companies must shift from market taker to market shaper: Not only will successful organisations blaze a new trail in products and services, but they will also have to set the guideposts for it—from ethical standards, to industry best practices and beyond. Defining the rules for new digital industries is the new corporate responsibility—and with great responsibility comes great opportunity.

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