May 16, 2017
TechVision 2017: Designing for humans
By: Emma McGuigan


This is the fifth article in a series that looks at our Tech Vision trends of 2017. In this year’s Technology Vision, the five identified trends underscore the importance of focusing on “Technology for People” to achieve digital success.

This video looks at “Designing for Humans,” a trend emphasising that the new frontier of digital experiences is technology designed and adapted specifically for individual human behaviour.

Since the Digital Revolution, technology has been shrinking the gap between effective human and machine cooperation. Ever-growing customer expectations have pushed businesses toward offering “living services,” driven by digitised products and more comprehensive personalisation. But companies are also using an understanding of behaviour to design technologies that are more adaptive, responsive, and aligned to the goals and actions taken by customers and employees alike. This shift is transforming traditional personalised relationships into something much more valuable—partnerships.

With more data on the ways people interact with technology, coupled with computing power capable of processing these massive streams of information, businesses are now redesigning everything from the interfaces customers and employees rely on, to the larger engagement journeys they make possible.

By considering and responding to human behaviour, businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to transform their relationships with people.

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