December 09, 2019
Being supported as a member of the Reserve Service
By: James Tufnell

When I am not working as an analyst in the ACG (Analyst Consulting Group), on one weekend each month and several weeks of the year I serve as a soldier in the British Army Reserve. I joined the British Army when I was 22 and have served for three years in several renowned Regiments. I made this life altering decision while at university and I have never regretted it for a moment.

When looking for jobs at university, I was keen to work for an employer who would be supportive of my Reserve Service and part of the reason why I decided to join Accenture was that the company has signed the Armed Forces Covenant. This means that Accenture looks favourably on the Armed Forces, Reservists and Service Leavers. As a result, I have been fortunate enough to not have to cut short my Reserve Service, as Accenture help facilitate my service by allowing me to take one week paid and one week unpaid each year to complete military training. In return for signing the Armed Forces Covenant, Accenture attract Service Leavers and Reservists to the company. These employees bring a plethora of benefits to the company, ranging from team work and leadership skills, to government security clearances and industry insights in both defence and Public Sector.

Passing into the HAC with Accenture colleagues

The highlights of my military career have been a training camp in Cyprus, participating in the Remembrance Sunday parade at St Paul’s and the Royal Exchange, various challenging and engaging training exercises and representing my regiment at the Army Athletics Championships.

Another feature that sets Accenture apart from other companies and makes it an appealing company for Reservists and Service Leavers is that it has a dedicated Armed Forces Network (AFN). The AFN supports Reservists by representing our needs with Accenture leadership. The AFN also provides an internal network for service leavers that helps leverage their skills effectively within the company. Additionally, the AFN serves the important purpose of bringing together Armed Forces supporters. These supporters can range from Veterans to members of military families and from Reservists to people with no military background who are simply supportive of the community. A few weeks ago, around Remembrance Day this community came together and worked across the country to raise a considerable sum of money for the Royal British Legion through the poppy appeal.

The Army has given me the confidence to meet new challenges and obstacles at Accenture. I am very grateful for everything the Army has taught me and Accenture’s role in facilitating my training.

Read more about our careers for Armed Forces professionals or, find out how you could join us as an Analyst on one of our graduate programmes.

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