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April 18, 2016
One Year On
By: Stuart Nicol

It’s flown by, but January marked my one year anniversary at Accenture. This occasion was celebrated with my peers and everyone kept making the same comment – “I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone”. As much as I’m sure many consider another year of work just that, it is quite remarkable to reflect on how much value and learnings my first year at Accenture has had.

As a fresh grad with only months of office/full time experience it is a sharp learning curve to really get accustomed to full time work and the ups and downs it brings. The sheer amount of people you will interact with on a daily basis and learning how to manage client and work relationships is something I was not expecting. Even as an Analyst there is a huge amount of exposure and responsibility available to you and this becomes even clearer when reflecting on where and what you were doing on day one in comparison to now. I cannot promise that you will be running the company in the next five years but what has become increasingly evident is the huge potential for personal growth that this type of work offers.

When I look back to my assessment centre and the Analysts who spoke to us it was a little overwhelming. All the acronyms, all the clients, and the sheer amount of people you work with can seem a bit much, but it is something that you quickly grow into and learn to handle. I think something that I have really benefited from is the approachable nature of everyone at the company. You’re not seen as your manager’s responsibility, you are part of the team and the work environment reflects that.

Further to this organic learning, Accenture sends all Analysts on additional training after a year with the company. This is another investment by the firm to build your stock as you look towards promotion. Focussing on soft skills, this training is suitably timed as you will take on more responsibility and client facing work within your second year. The idea of investment in people, whether that is through training or just giving someone some time to help them with work, is of real importance and I believe Accenture does this very well.

Here’s to the next year and the challenges it will bring. I’m sure I speak for my peers when I say it is an exciting prospect to have another year in front of us and the possibility of promotions fast approaching. I am also certain that our two year reunion will be much the same and we will look back fondly and remark at how far we have come.

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