May 23, 2018
Six qualities for success at Accenture
Part 2
By: Sakib Moghal


In the last of a two-part series, Consulting Analyst Sakib reveals the qualities he believes add up to a successful career at Accenture.

A love of learning

Do you love to learn?

At Accenture, you’ll be put into new environments, doing new things that require you to learn new things. From what I’ve observed in my short time here, it’s people who are intensely curious – they love to learn, to understand, to know – who really thrive in these situations, and therefore at this company.

Work at Accenture is characterised by continuous learning, which can make it challenging, but it also makes it a place of rapid career growth. Whether this kind of place suits you is up to you.

Strong communicator

Can you explain something in a sentence, or do you need a paragraph? Can you explain a complex problem simply enough for an 8-year-old to understand? Can you adapt the way you speak/write to suit your audience?

It’s important to be a strong, clear, concise communicator at Accenture. And that’s because a lot of what we do is, well, talking.

We talk to clients to try and understand their problems, and then to explain our solutions. We talk to each other, debating complex issues and ensuring we’re all on the same page. We spend a lot of time communicating – explaining, debating, persuading – so being able to do it well is critical.

If you’re a good communicator, this will really help you at Accenture. If not, then fear not, for this is a skill that can be learned (although, if you’re introverted like me, it can be nerve-racking to begin with). I learnt through forcing myself to practice public speaking, and working a couple of part-time jobs in sales and teaching (both of which I think are brilliant for building communication skills).

Strong listener

Do you truly listen when someone is talking to you, or are you just waiting for your turn to speak? Do you try to understand where the other person is coming from, or do you judge them through your lens of the world?

In my view it is essential to be a good listener at Accenture. Strong communication goes hand-in-hand with this: if you can speak/write clearly, great, but if you’re not connecting to your audience, because you haven’t listened to them, and so don’t understand them, your words mean nothing.

We are required to solve problems for our clients. That entails listening to them, with empathy and understanding, so we truly understand the problem in their eyes – not ours. We are also required to work in diverse teams, with colleagues from different backgrounds, with different skillsets. Listening to each voice in the room, rather than trying to make yours the loudest, is essential to great teamwork.

Being a good listener requires empathy, humility and conscientiousness. If you feel you’re good at this, then I think you’ll excel at Accenture.

Across both of my posts I’ve detailed six qualities that I’ve observed as being great to have if you’re working at Accenture. The list is not exhaustive – I’m sure other employees would highlight others – but this is my perspective.

If you think this could be the place for you, apply to Accenture! We’d love to welcome you. Start by taking a look at our careers opportunities.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions on applying. You can find me on LinkedIn.

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