November 04, 2019
Sharing my passion and experience
By: Zafran Asmy

I’m currently working as a Development Lead in Application Architecture for one of our largest public sector clients. I would say this is a discovery project where the client is looking at the possibility of having a new application that integrates with their systems, that they can use in their day-to-day work. The solution we are working on is an AWS-based framework and we're proposing that the client goes Cloud-native. It's a very large-scale project, but right now it’s at proposal stage and, if agreed, we will go on to the development phase.

Specifically, my role is attending daily meetings with them, understanding all their requirements and drawing-up the blueprints to present back. I'm also implementing Proof of Concepts to show what the solution will look like. We’re working in a very Agile way as the client wants rapid change - it’s a very quick solution that they wanted to put together and start developing. I've been on this project for almost three months now and it’s a four-month project so we’re at the closing stage and finalising the solution. We have produced all the functional design and the architecture diagrams and, if the client then wants to go ahead with the build, I will stay and lead this for them, working with our onshore and offshore developers.

I'm originally from Sri Lanka and moved to England for my higher studies where I did my bachelor's degree at Sheffield Hallam University and then my master’s there too as a scholarship student. I’ve always had a passion for building websites, apps and games and keen to share this passion so, when I was at university, I was part of group of students throughout South Yorkshire who would go to schools and help children understand programming and software engineering. We would create small robots and show the kids how to programme them – it was such great fun and in fact, the kids were probably way ahead of us!

I wanted to use my passion in my work too so when I finished my master’s I applied to Accenture’s graduate programme and joined in February 2013. It meant a move to London and that was a bit of a transition for me, but I felt so lucky to be part of the Accenture team and I’ve been here since.

I started here as a junior technology developer (a Java developer) and over the time have continuously upskilled and as technology is growing so fast that’s important. I’ve really enjoyed working with different clients (from broadcasting to financial services) and it’s been enlightening getting to understand the different cultures and ways of working that come with that. However, I would say it’s the people here that’s the best thing. Everyone is supportive and you get fantastic mentorship. I remember I struggled at first – I was from a different country and had to adapt not only to the work culture but also the language and as such my communication skills needed work. My managers, senior managers and career counsellors were really supportive in helping me improve not only my communication skill but, my presentation and project management skills, too.

I love travelling and have enjoyed many opportunities to work outside the UK and I always ensure I make time after work in the evenings, or during the weekend, to go out explore the cities I’m based in. I also love gadgets and have a drone which I combine with my love of travel by making videos - flying it over some beautiful places and showcasing them on my own YouTube channel.

At work, I organise events for my practice – things like socials, hackathons and right now I’m working on a Go-Karting event for the team. I'm also part of the ‘Face of Engineering’ team here and we speak at university events and technology conferences and I’m looking forward to being out on campus over the coming months to share what it’s like to work here and talk about our technology trends. I do enjoy sharing my experience of working here with others and would say to everyone who is considering a career here, not to be afraid to take on challenges and embrace change. That's the key driver for me.

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