May 04, 2017
Hello, It’s me…
By: Shajida Akthar


I’m Shajida - an Adele fan, lover of Game of Thrones and an absolute movie fanatic.

I’ve been with Accenture since September 2014 on the Technology apprenticeship programme and am currently in my final year. While working full-time, I’m also studying for a BSc in Digital and Technology Solutions.

My current role within Accenture is as a DevArch Analyst in Digital where my responsibilities have varied from development, scripting and testing to managing a project delivery. Despite being an apprentice and lacking direct experience in the industry, I love the level of responsibility I’ve been entrusted with. As a team, our focus is providing DevOps solutions and consultancy to internal and external clients, connecting them to the correct people/teams through an internal ecommerce store we maintain. I have a small team full of great mentors and fellow apprentices who I work closely with on a day-to-day basis.

But it’s not all work and no play: last time the sun was out, we went for a segway session - I made bronze even after a stumble!


*Record Scratch*

Let’s rewind back to how I got here.

After 2 years of college studying A-levels with no sense of direction career/education-wise, my sister mentioned an opportunity for work experience with Accenture through the Movement to Work programme. The programme lasted 4 weeks and consisted of Java and UX training along with actual work experience, innovating for an existing Accenture app. It was an eye-opener to the wider business and the main reason I applied to the Accenture programme. On top of that, I saw Accenture as a great platform to start my career providing both technical and personal development.

Other things I’ve been involved with during my time on the apprenticeship programme is helping to promote careers in technology for young women. I have done this by sharing my career journey so far and opening their eyes to the possibility of undertaking an apprenticeship; enlightening them of the many perks.

I attended an International Women’s Day event this month hosted by ThinkNation (partnered with Accenture) and crossed paths with many inspirational women all coming from various backgrounds to answer the question “How far can you go?”

Meet Alessandra Zanetti, Amanda Leacy and Fatima Traore of Accenture – my amazing group for the day and all mutually working towards the same goal of gender equality. 

Check out my blog post leading up to the event:

Hope you enjoyed the read and I’ll be posting every 2 weeks about small projects I’m working on, my roles, expectations and the perks here at Accenture!

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