November 01, 2021
Reimagine, Rewild
By: Accenture UK

By combining human ingenuity and technology, we can restore nature and build a more sustainable future.

Reimagine, Rewild was one of seven winning ideas in Accenture’s Eco Innovation Challenge 2021, aiming to accelerate the rewilding of land. The mobile app leverages augmented reality to bring to life the opportunity for rewilding, by encouraging users to visualise what their local environment could look like if nature was enabled to thrive. The app also serves as an educational platform, helping people to learn about the benefits of rewilding for nature and biodiversity, as well as connecting them to rewilding opportunities near them.

We followed the team on their journey through Accenture’s Social Innovators Accelerator.

Watch: The Story of Reimagine, Rewild

You might think that rewilding is all about planting trees—but it’s actually much more than that. In this short film, Accenture’s Lotte Beekenkamp and Andrew Scott show how the Reimagine, Rewild app leverages augmented reality to bring the benefits of rewilding to life.

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Hayley Whyte

Accenture’s Hayley Whyte explains how Reimagine, Rewild has inspired her to take action for nature through social innovation.

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Listen: Eco Innovation Podcast

Innovating for a wilder, nature positive future


Accenture’s Lotte Beekenkamp and Lisa Neuberger Fernandez speak with Frans Schepers from Rewilding Europe, exploring how we can use innovation to tackle some of the world’s greatest environmental challenges, combining human ingenuity and technology to build a more sustainable future.

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“We need to stop treating the loss of biodiversity as a problem child and help people to imagine the rich environment we once had” – Frans Schepers

Find out how we’re making sustainability a force for change, through Accenture’s Sustainability Value Promise. If you’d like to know how you can be more nature positive, dive into the handbook we created with the Sustainable Business Council.

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