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January 15, 2016
Blog 3: Life Beyond Accenture
By: Phil Clements

Long hours, technical work and hotel living can sometimes prevent an Analyst from building a life beyond Accenture. However, proper planning, preparation and some forward thinking can help you enjoy both your time inside and outside of the office.

As an Analyst, new to Accenture and working on client site, I have to ensure that I have efficient diary management to balance the needs of both my ‘in-work’ and ‘out-of-work’ life. To help you succeed in this area, I will pass on a few tips and tricks that have helped me to strike a balance.

  1. Book everything in advance:
    Working on a client site, away from the Accenture London Office, means a lot a trains and a lot of hotel living. As a result, booking hotels and reserving train seats requires advanced planning to ensure you get the best train deals and nicest hotels. When working on client site in Bristol, I will often book into one of the Marriott Hotels using their iPhone App. In doing so I can see all my bookings in one place, cancel reservations at ease and have access to hotel telephone numbers at a touch of a button. Just make sure you book in advance as you will be able to get the best room at the right price!
  2. Take Ownership of your time:
    Every Monday night is my local powerlifting gym’s group training night and is an event that I don’t want to miss. Sadly the event happens at 6.00pm which is a bit too earlier for my work hours and the commute back out of central London. However, proper planning and stakeholder management has allowed me to regularly attend this event. Speaking to my line Manager, it was agreed that I would be allowed to attend the weekly event (as long as there are no major deadlines) and as long as the lost time was made up elsewhere. By liaising with my Manager and planning my work hours effectively, I have been able to make space for the things that matter to me.
  3. Attend the events:
    Since joining Accenture a little over three months ago, I have attended over six out-of-office hours Accenture events. These have ranged from social events such as dinners and balls, to formal events such as Tech Talks and charity networking. As an Analyst it is important you build your network, even if, at times, the event you have been invited to clashes with your other social commitments. In addition, all the events I have been to with Accenture have been great fun and have allowed me to meet new people in the business, discover new work opportunities and make new friends.

Working as an Analyst can be taxing on your social life. However, taking the time to talk with your Manager, plan your travel and build your network, can help make your work even more enjoyable.

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