March 15, 2017
Out of Town Training
By: Thomas Staley

Picking up from my previous blog, I wanted to provide a brief insight into the out of town training provided at Accenture once you’re officially started.

It varies over time as to where you are sent however the locations never disappoint, with it historically being Bangalore or Chicago, and most recently Madrid.

Otherwise termed the ‘Analyst Consulting University’, it is here that you meet with colleagues from around the world to learn about the project management lifecycle, how to structure client relationships and how to communicate effectively, among other things.

Similar to the London based training you are initially provided with upon joining, the sessions are taken by senior management who have real-world experiences to draw upon in order to bring the teachings to life.

All of training may not be directly relevant to each and every role you have as an Analyst but the overarching principles position you well for a career as a consultant, delving into various frameworks that can help to negotiate complex business issues that our clients face.

Referring back to the ‘people perspective’ that I emphasised in my previous blog article, I wanted to highlight what a fantastic opportunity this training provides to meet people from different backgrounds and different parts of the business!

There is a huge humanistic element in consulting and it’s therefore important to feel comfortable meeting new people; networking and learning from their experiences. As such, at the out of town training you are encouraged to interact and engage with all of those around you, and it was great to see people mixing outside of the classroom-based training itself.

And so what did happen outside of the classroom? Well… We managed two weekends in the city of Chicago itself, including: an NBA game between the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat, a visit to Cloud Gate and the Chicago Art Institute, as well as numerous trips to Sports Bars, and participation in the St Patrick’s Day celebrations which American’s appear to have fully embraced!

A thoroughly memorable trip all in all!

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