June 14, 2017
The next evolution of the APP
By: Eleonore Cossery

During their I/O 2017 conference, Google launched the Android Instant Apps software development kit which, until now, was only accessible to a select few since January 2017.

Instant apps allow android users (currently at 2 billion active devices) to run apps instantly, without installation. This means that users now get to experience the apps they love without having to switch in and out of their browser, social media or messaging platform or installing them on their device, improving the UX, UI and performance of the customer journey. In terms of technology this could mean a decreasing need for in-device storage and a greater demand for the cloud oriented services.

According to Ellie Powers, who made the announcement on stage, Google worked hand-in-hand with over 50 companies, helping them launch their instant apps, also adding that some of these businesses saw a double digit increase in purchases, lead generation and media consumption.

If you wish to get started to develop your own native app, check out Google’s developers page here. ( For the whole I/O 2017 Keynote follow this link.


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