January 31, 2017
The NDC – Accenture’s Best Kept Secret
By: Thomas Edwards

As mentioned in my previous post about the benefits of choosing an Accenture office location other than London, I have recently joined Accenture on the Client Delivery Graduate Programme based in the Newcastle office. Upon applying, I assumed it would be just like any other Accenture office in the UK… it turns out that I was very wrong!

The NDC (Newcastle Delivery Centre) is part of the Accenture Global Delivery Network, which offers solutions across custom systems, leading technology platforms and emerging technologies, including cloud, mobility, analytics, interactive and big data. Admittedly, as a Delivery Centre, the makeup of the office is intentionally different because most NDC employees tend to be based in the office full-time, rather than working out on client site. However, I think that Accenture has created a location in the North East that is totally unique. Our large office, whilst being formal & pretty impressive, also possesses a strong family feel within the walls. The NDC is proud to stand on its own and act as Accenture’s delivery powerhouse in the UK, working with some of the organisation’s largest clients and seeing rapid growth, particularly within the graduate programmes.

I am slightly biased, but I can’t recommend the Newcastle office enough as a place to start your career with Accenture. Although the majority of work is office based, there is an equal amount of work available that is client site, providing an opportunity for graduates to dabble in a bit of both depending on what role they want to pursue. The difference is that wherever you might be working during the week, there will always be that unique and thriving Accenture culture to return to at the NDC. Lots of London based Accenture employees who work on Newcastle based projects love the NDC so much that they often end up staying permanently!

Having previously worked for an IT start-up, I have experience of being part of a dynamic and exciting work environment that has a strong community feel and I can honestly say that I get that same vibe with the NDC. Just to name a few of the workplace perks that the NDC provides, there are film nights where Accenture hire an entire cinema to show the latest blockbuster for family and friends, a load of sporting and music concert tickets available in weekly raffles, on-site gym and restaurant, Bi-annual community events held at Newcastle’s landmark buildings and of course… the legendary Christmas party! (The most recent saw the NDC hire out Newcastle’s largest 3 floor nightclub exclusively for Accenture employees and organised all sorts of entertainment inside for the entire night).

So - I hope I’ve managed to make a clear case for any prospective Accenture applicants, particularly graduates, to look to our Newcastle office. I don’t think there’s enough information out there about how great it is working at the NDC – and that’s why I think it’s Accenture’s best kept secret.

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