February 11, 2019
My journey from university to Security Consulting
By: Aasiyah Sidat

My name is Aasiyah and I am a Security Consulting Analyst for the Accenture UKI Practice. I joined in October 2018, so I haven’t been at Accenture for very long. As this is my first blog post, I wanted to give you an introduction to me and my journey.

I am a 24-year-old graduate from Leicester, where I studied my undergraduate degree in Computer Security at De Montfort University. I graduated in July 2018, so this is my first proper full-time job! I did have a part time job with a global technology company during university, where I did many different roles in the four years I was there. I also went on an industrial placement as part of my degree course, and learned a lot about cyber security in the wider working world. Let me tell you it was quite different from the theory we learnt at university. Placement year was definitely an eye opener for the type of projects that run in the cyber security world, and I was exposed to everything from cyber intelligence to supplier privacy compliance to removable device management.

For me, the industrial placement year gave me an idea of the type of company I wanted to work in and the type of work I wanted to do. I learned I wasn’t suited to working in a small company doing the same job day in day out, I needed change and variation. This is why Accenture appealed to me. The idea of working on different projects for different clients was the perfect answer to keep things interesting.

I want to do a more in-depth post about my interview process, but overall Accenture was definitely one of the better companies I applied to. I really enjoyed the different challenges and I must’ve done well because here I am today!

When I started at Accenture, I was lucky to be placed in a specialised team just a couple of days after I joined. This is another story that is going to need a separate blog post! I have been in this team for the past four months, mainly working on cyber intelligence engagements and threat landscape reports for clients. I have learnt so much in terms of knowledge around threat actors, their motivations and their TTPs (Techniques Tactics Procedures). More than that, I have learnt to think analytically and make assessments from the research I have done. These are skills that will help me when I move onto another project.

Currently, I’m in the process of preparing for the Security Analyst School in Chicago, which I will be visiting for two weeks. There I’m hoping to learn more about the basics around working with clients and providing them with the best security solutions.

Hope to see you in my next post!

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