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July 05, 2016
Multi-Tasking and Learning Opportunities
By: Anusha Samineni

Hello All! This will be my second blog post.

Recently, I have been reading a book related to my current role, which I hope will add value to the work I’m doing for the client. My team met with the client to discuss the project design and functionality, which was really enjoyable. I’ve also been learning about new technologies related to SAP, Cloud and security using Accenture’s internal learning platform. The learning platform allows you to complete training in your spare time – some are virtual events such as online webcasts and seminars, whereas others are offsite training courses. It’s really interesting to find out more about where the technology industry is going and how technology is developing. Accenture is great at giving you lots of opportunities to learn new skills and increase your knowledge of the business and the learning platform allows you to do this in your own time and at your own pace. Thank you Accenture!

I will keep you updated with more interesting news about work life at Accenture. Cheers!

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