April 02, 2020
Making an impact in Security
By: Elizabeth Lucas

Elizabeth Lucas

Tapping into some amazing minds

I’m a Security Consultant here and I love that I work for a global company. For example, the project I’m working on presently is focused around medical IoT (Internet of Things) but as we have no subject matter experts here in the UK, we’re easily able to tap into our experts in America. In fact, we have access to amazing minds across the world that we can just pull into different projects as and when we need to.

Working in a global company with access to global expertise is very important but our other initiatives like LGBT, Disability and Mental Health Allies definitely have a focus on making sure everyone feels included no matter who you are or where you’re based.

Working in the right environment

I’m a Mental Health Ally which is a role I’m proud to do. To become a Mental Health Ally, you go on a two-day training course where you learn about mental health awareness and how to recognise the signs that maybe someone needs help. Once you’ve completed the training, you get a lanyard and can add a line to your email signature so people know you’re a safe space and if they’re feeling low, they can come and talk to you. Since I’ve been a mental health ally, I’ve had two meetings put in my calendar under different pretences, where they’ve sat down and said ‘can I talk to you about this, I saw you were a mental health ally and can I talk to you?’. This shows it works which is amazing and it makes you realise you’re working in the right environment.

Elizabeth Lucas in mountain scene

Work that matters

I have been at Accenture for two and a half years now. I was a student in criminology and criminal law and did my dissertation in cybercrime in businesses before I did an internship at Accenture which focused partly on the innovation centre and partly on digital policing. And then when I graduated, I worked at a more generalised consulting company for a year but chose to go back to Accenture as an Analyst and I made Consultant in just under two years.

I now work within the Health and Public Sector (H&PS) within Security Strategy. I am currently leading a cybersecurity innovation project for a major healthcare client. We are specifically looking at connected medical devices (Medical IoT) and the cybersecurity risk associated with these. I’d describe my role by saying that our clients have a problem and they need our help to try and fix it so, I’m the person pulling together a strategy of how we’re going to do that. And working within this industry, you know that you’re making a difference and doing work that matters.

Opportunities to grow

At Accenture, the good thing is that you’re always given a lot of exposure. Whether that’s to subject matter experts within the company or with senior stakeholders. It doesn’t matter what level you are; you’re put straight out of your comfort zone and doing things you may not necessarily be doing if you worked for a client company.

I would also say I have been very lucky with my career counsellor and managers and I know what I need to do to progress - I know what I need to be working on and I’ve been able to have the right support. It’s certainly an environment that fosters growth and everyone is keen for you to develop because they see that they too can only develop if the people under them do so. You will be thrown in at the deep end and given responsibility where you need to automatically grow to fit that, but the help is always there when you need it. You need to keep pushing yourself and Accenture will give you so many opportunities to grow, so you need to take advantage of all of those.

Even although I’ve decided to work in the H&PS sector, I can be working for completely different clients day-to-day. If I had not chosen to specialise in this area, I could work in any industry from resources to banking. You can find flexibility here from different projects and different clients - this gives you the chance to grow your knowledge base across industries and sectors which you might not get working for one of the big cybersecurity powerhouses. Instead of joining a company and realising you don’t enjoy it, you join Accenture and say ‘okay, I’m going to give this a go and if that doesn’t work out, I’ll try this’ and then you’ve tried before you then go on to specialise in an area and I think that’s really unique.

I think to be successful in our Security practice, you’ve got to be a people person, you’ve got to be able to work well within Accenture and work well with clients. It’s all about building relationships as at the end of the day, people buy from people, so they need the trust and confidence in our capabilities.

If you’re ready to tackle the most critical security challenges head-on and have a career that will make an impact, visit our website to find out more about our opportunities.

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