March 15, 2017
Madrid, BA & PSSO Training
By: Dumebi Ogboli

OMG! You should’ve seen the size of our rooms! And the bed…I had to take turns on which side I slept; there was no wrong side to wake up on! And the bathroom…and walk-in closet! Did I mention we were staying at a really nice hotel? I spent the afternoon unpacking and exploring the room. I really need to get a gadget travel kit of some description. I had nothing…not even my AUX cable! Listening to music through the sound system in the walk-in closet was not an option. I also need a mini-HDMI cable of sorts; when there’s a choice of your little laptop screen versus a big screen, it’ll be nice to take advantage of the big screen. I’m by no means rubbishing my laptop – who I need to find a suitable name for, any suggestions? She’s a beauty with a Core i7. I don’t know much about Core’s but I hear i7 is “it” as far as Core’s go. Well, till another Core is released…

We arrived on a Sunday and there were no official plans for the day; I for one had an early night, I was tired after the mad rush to get to Madrid.

Day 1 of our ‘holiday’ (ok, ok, I best stop calling it a holiday ‘cos it wasn’t really; it was Technology Analyst Core School Training) started with a buffet breakfast; well every day did! Breakfast was my favourite meal for the entire duration; if for nothing else, in addition to the buffet spread, there was a chef serving up eggs made to your liking. Perfect opportunity to try eggs made in a variety of ways; and if you asked nicely and were patient you got freshly made pancakes too!

And so began our training sessions, 9am - 5pm daily, just as well I stopped calling it a holiday! Remember the torrent of information I talked about before? Well, that was more like a drizzle in comparison to the information we attempted to consume over the 2 weeks we spent in Madrid. I have always wished for a ‘Matrix’ like existence…upload Omniscience419. Or better still, it’ll be nice to have a ‘Limitless’ like pill with no side effects or baddies to deal with…sigh.

Before we delved in though, we were introduced to our faculty who were made up of experienced Accenture employees including a senior manager who was faculty lead. They were with us for the entire duration, which was handy as we could have conversations with them in and out of the training rooms. Our faculty were brilliant and were extremely helpful whilst in Madrid and afterwards. Over and above the official training material, they helped us with other equally important tasks like our “one pagers”, an internal CV.

We were about 40 Analysts in total; new and new-ish starters from Ireland, London, and Newcastle. New being less than 2 months with the company and new-ish being anywhere between 3 to 18 months with the company. In general, every new graduate recruit goes for their Core School Training immediately or within a month of joining. But sometimes things happen which means some graduates don’t attend training till much later.

We were divided into 2 classes. Class rules were established, one of which was to sing a song if you came in late for any session; it was funny watching a couple of people sing Bieber’s “is it too late now to say sorry”. For the most part I was switched on and present; thankfully so because we had a one-on-one feedback session at the end of the 2 weeks. Yup, faculty were taking mental notes, it’s always interesting to hear what others observe about you.

We covered a variety of topics at a high level – Project Life Cycle, Software Delivery Life Cycle, Project Management Methodologies, an overview of some Accenture tools and methodologies etc. We worked on a case study which had both individual and group tasks to complete; there were also a couple of presentations we had to prepare for. All work and no play…so they let us out in the sunshine in-between sessions, yay! We had a treasure hunt, egg and spoon race, name the movie etc.

A few extra events were organised for us – a welcome dinner, a karaoke night and a networking game where we had to build an aqueduct…which successfully transported ‘liquid’ (you had to be there).

Sadly, our ‘holiday’ had to come to an end !When we arrived back in London, we had two and half more weeks of training; a combination of classroom and online. We spent a number of days at a training centre in London completing both the Foundation in Business Analysis and the Program and Project Support Office certifications. There were exams for both; thankfully I passed! We also had a few days to complete some online training sessions.

After 4+ weeks of training, it was time to find a role!

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