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March 11, 2016
Back to London.. Then Out of London
By: Lucy Watson

I will start my second blog post we left off in blog one; post Chicago. Our flight landed at some awful hour of Halloween morning. BA tried to re-acclimatise us whilst in the air, by bringing round dinner at US time and then breakfast at UK time, approximately one hour later. So, full and disorientated, we made our separate ways home, ready to embark upon the first day of the rest of our lives.

For most of us, the journey started in Zest – FCS’s (our affectionate abbreviation for Fenchurch Street) cafeteria. We usually have little control over our first role, as it depends largely on business demand, and is sourced by our Schedulers. And, as we are not formally hard aligned to a service group when you join as an Analyst, it could be anywhere. During your training (and entire life at Accenture), you will hear the importance of networking extolled at every opportunity. Don’t roll your eyes or discard this as being cringey – it really is so true that who you know plays a huge part in your career progression at Accenture. The more people you meet and add to your network, the more channels you open to hear about potential roles, or when service group events/mixers are being scheduled. I arrived very keen on financial services and then the smaller category of capital markets within that larger bracket, to which I luckily managed to get ‘soft aligned’. However, I decided to broaden my horizons (slightly) and agreed with my scheduler to speak to someone about a role in insurance. In Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle

Accenture make it very clear throughout the application process, that you will be required to be flexible in terms of work location. The situation is, if you’re based in London, you’re one of the lucky ones. What a luxury it is to pay for an apartment and actually live it. But being out of town really isn’t as bad as you may think. For example, my friends think my life is so glamourous. I fly to work. Yes, it may be a on a tiny plane, I may get fed the worst and most soggy breakfast imaginable, but they don’t know that.


Also, you really save money. It’s not the healthiest lifestyle, but many projects will also negotiate deals with gyms and reimburse some of your fees. For example, my project reimburses a proportion of our fees on rolling memberships in Edinburgh. Also, one of the benefits that Accenture offers its employees, is to pay for up to half of your gym membership fees.

So, I started my project, and immediately loved it - which is why it’s so important to make sure you keep an open mind. Every role, industry and client poses its own unique opportunities and challenges. I’m currently in a PMO role and, now that I’ve had a chance to settle in and get to grips with things, I’m trying my best to get as involved as possible in extra-curricular activities and the wider Analyst community.

But more about that, and my role, next time.

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