January 22, 2016
That half-way feeling...
By: Liseli Madiri

Happy New Year – not sure how long I can get away with saying that to people, yet two weeks in to the year, I’ll say it to you, and maybe I’ll stop at the end of this week. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Liseli Madiri, I’m on the Marketing and Communications Graduate Internship and well - I’ve reached (and passed) the half way point and I would like to share my thoughts with you on that.

I can’t help but look back at the first three months and realise how unprepared I was. You see, as an avid enthusiast of marketing communications who happily receives a bombardment of marketing and media news; whilst unashamedly and excitedly critically analysing any piece of marketing content with the question: ‘What is your message?’ - to say I was curious about marketing communications within a well-established company like Accenture is an understatement. Having majored in Marketing as part of my International Business and Management BSc degree at Aston University (Class of 2015), I always thought about the challenges of B2B marketing that B2C companies don’t face. In particular, I wondered whether there was room for creativity and modernity, as I had found during my placement year working for an established well-grown company in Belgium, that it is not as easy to foster and create a disruptive marketing communications environment as one may think. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that Accenture is drastically different.

Within the Marketing and Communications function at Accenture there are so many paths and roles that foster modernity, creativity and flair – covering every area of marketing! I’m aligned with the Communications, Media and Technology industries, so my marketing is client focused – which blew my mind as it was exactly what I wanted to do! Having the opportunity to make value based decisions and support strategic marketing plans that will edify the relationship between Accenture and its clients, is a role I was ready to step into. Honestly, I found it really hard to explain what it was that I was doing to my fellow interns – let alone my friends and family. Yet having been here now for three months and built my own understanding of my role, I would define it and not limit it to: creating a bridge between what Accenture has and how we can use it to build and maintain the relationship with the client. So what this looks like on day-to-day basis may be creating content for our clients, supporting them at events or creating bespoke events for them and being there to help the client account teams to support anything marketing related.

Yes, that was a mouth full and you’re probably still thinking what does that even mean? Yet I’ll cover to the best of my ability all of that in the following posts. Yet for now, before I finish, I wanted to say I also underestimated the community feel that would be here at Accenture. Accenture go to great lengths to make sure everyone feels a part of the team, their industry and their company. To be a part of the Marketing and Communications community means to be a part of something bigger than just a role. It is being part of a community that respects, supports and has fun together. To enter a community like this with 14 other interns in mid- September 2015 has been so much fun and it can only get better!

Till next time,

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