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March 04, 2016
A Bittersweet Friend
By: Liseli Madiri

Hi there, so I guess you didn’t expect to read an entry about ‘A Bitter Friend’ on Accenture? Well I like to give credit where credit is due, and too often we don’t acknowledge the friend found in making mistakes and in failure, as it is the very thing that lays the foundation for success. So here is my ‘thank you’ to failure, for being such a great friend!

The last four weeks have been crazy. I’ve had back to back client events and campaigns to manage and support simultaneously. My role is client centric in that I have various clients across the telecommunications, media and entertainment, technology, and aerospace and defence industries. I work with the clients to deliver strategic integrated marketing campaigns that clearly represent the Accenture brand and deliver benefits for both the clients and employees. The fact that this changes for each client and industry, is something I enjoy the most because the creative challenge (and lesson) arises at the creation and formation of harmony between the individual brands of the client and Accenture and the message we want to communicate.

So what happened? I was balancing, let’s say eight spinning plates on eight sticks in my hands, trying to keep them steadily spinning; not all of them kept spinning. I dropped a few plates, some sticks broke and I caught some plates before they smashed on the floor. Yet through it all, I learnt the most from the plates that had smashed onto the floor and the stick that had broken in half because I then knew that I needed a stronger stick and a stronger plate! As great as the imagery is, in reality this looked like missing key information out in correspondences, or plans not sticking to plan and the contingency plan put in place for such occurrences not working either! It could’ve been a catastrophe, yet as a team we always deliver, we made it work and it came together. Which is great, when you’re at the end catching your breath not when you’re in the chaos trying to find your breath haha! So in those moments, I learnt that it’s all about balance. How I balance my energy and focus across the projects I’m handling is crucial. It is a skill to know when to exude and direct all the energy at one particular project when needed. Otherwise, it becomes messy as more barriers are placed in the way and attaining that desired outcome becomes a bit harder as things aren’t going to plan.

If you’re wondering about the plates that kept spinning, they went really well! Having learnt from the failures I also appreciate the achievements and the growth that I can see in myself. For instance I took a leading role for an event for one of our telecommunications clients. I was actively part of the end-to-end management of the event, liaising with key stakeholders to deliver the right message, branding and content for the event that met our objectives.

I now know and truly appreciate that in every area I’m growing in through failure it will make me better as a person, professionally and personally. So failure, I don’t want to lose you as a friend, because in those mistakes is the room for the greatest creativity.

Thank you for reading, till next time,

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