October 18, 2016
Liquid, intelligent and connected: The pillars of digital innovation
By: Bhaskar Ghosh

In my last blog I talked about how digital transformation is leading to a new model for IT services delivery. This change is being enabled by the move to agile and iterative application development methodologies – what we term ‘liquid applications’.

This transformation is having a significant impact on how we at Accenture deliver services to our clients.

One of our most important tasks is to help customers make the move to digital business models. Liquid applications, and specifically Accenture Liquid Studios, are the key means through which we can deliver on this goal.

Introducing the Liquid Studios

The Liquid Studios are purpose-built as rapid application development facilities that allow clients to ideate and build applications based on contemporary architectures, reusable components, automation tools and leading software development methods. These liquid approaches help clients innovate at speed and adjust to the new market realities brought about by digital disruption.

The Liquid Studios meet the needs of enterprises to integrate cloud, digital and other new technologies into their businesses. It is based on a recognition that things are going to change, and so software needs to be flexible to adapt to this change – this is why it is liquid.

But we have realised that to deliver a real competitive advantage these applications must also be intelligent and connected. By intelligent I mean that applications must be based on and fuelled by advanced data analytics and include automated self-learning and self-healing capabilities to keep costs down.

And of course, to succeed, digital applications cannot be stand-alone solutions, they must connect seamlessly to other applications, platforms, customers, and physical objects (i.e. the Internet of Things). The aim is to provide companies with the technical means to create new competitive frontiers with software– whether by connecting with new customer and partner ecosystems or realizing more efficient operations.

Liquid, intelligent, connected

This concept of ‘liquid, intelligent, and connected’ lies at the heart of the Accenture Liquid Studios. It is an environment where we work collaboratively with our clients, who come to us with knowledge of their business and industry and look to us for the design thinking and technological know-how to jointly ideate disruptive new concepts and services. From there, we prototype and test as quickly as possible. There are no lengthy development windows. The aim is to launch the solution and then improve it on-the-fly, incorporating user feedback in each iteration.

The Liquid Studios represent a sea change in the way applications are developed. We are working in smaller, more focused and agile teams that are closer to the client’s business. It is an approach that will lead to better experiences for our client’s customers and help accelerate the ongoing digital revolution.

In my next blog I would like to look in more detail at the ‘intelligence’ pillar of liquid applications and explain why we at Accenture believe the strategic use of AI and machines as co-workers will lead to more efficient, productive and innovative businesses. 

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