October 08, 2019
Life as a Summer Intern
By: Accenture UK

Our recent cohort of Summer Interns joined us in June as Consulting Analysts and, as well as working on live projects, they got an inside view of life here.

Read what Tom and Naomi have to say about their experience, which included accidently ‘crashing’ a Senior Manager’s meeting…

Naomi’s story

Since joining Accenture as a summer intern, I have found getting involved with ‘side of desk' work has been a great way to learn and develop a new set of skills. ‘Side of desk’ involves working for other projects aside from your own and offers a vast set of opportunities. I am particularly interested in new and upcoming technologies and after only five weeks at Accenture, I was offered the opportunity to host events, take the lead on conference calls and to speak on a number of panels all discussing the future of technology.

Taking on side of desk work has allowed me to both grow my network and meet people from all corners of Accenture. I gained a huge amount of experience in a relatively short time and enjoyed every aspect of the work.

I have also taken the opportunity to attend several networking events. About four weeks into the internship, a fellow intern mentioned a networking event in Wembley room (one of many in the London office) and we thought we would make the most of opportunity. A few of the interns rocked up and we proceeded to help ourselves to the free pizza and drinks before taking a seat at the front, ready to mingle.

As we started to take in the scene around us, we noticed a few wary looks directed our way. Finally, a man stood up to address the room: “Thanks for coming everybody, as Senior Managers at Accenture it is crucial we have these regular meetings”.

As 5-week-old interns, we realised we were 100% in the wrong room!

We panicked, debating whether to blag our way through this highly confidential meeting and claim a meteoric rise to senior managers at such a young age, or start the walk of shame and the potential end of our short-lived careers.

Sensing the need to end the turmoil sooner rather than later, one of us took the plunge and stood up to confess our mistake. As the room began to process who had been eating their free pizza, we began to make our escape. Fortunately, they saw the funny side and applauded us for our bravery, giving us a drink for the road!

Tom’s Story

An important part of the summer intern experience at Accenture is building your diverse network. This involves meeting and interacting with Accenture employees from all areas of the company. It is vital when trying to learn more about where we might specialise as graduates. For me, this consisted of attending networking events and taking on work for others alongside my project (called ‘side of desk’). These side of desk roles all began thanks to a chat over a drink with a Managing Director. From that chat, I quickly began working alongside a team to migrate a global bank’s applications to the Cloud.

This experience has allowed me to make some connections I hope to use if I come back as a graduate. I have also been awarded the opportunity to work on a charity initiative focusing around the homelessness epidemic within London. Again, this all originated from a chat over a drink at a networking drinks event.

I too was one of the interns who unknowingly crashed a senior manager meeting. The light-heartedness of the senior managers just reaffirms the supportive and encouraging atmosphere here at Accenture. Everyone that I’ve met at Accenture have been friendly and helpful, and it’s comforting to know that they will be on your side – even when you make a faux pas as bad as ours.

And to any Senior Managers reading this, thanks for making us feel so welcome and feel free to contact us for pizza reimbursements.

Want to read more stories about life as a Summer Intern here? Visit our Summer Vacation Scheme careers page and read what Ellie, Katy and Sarah have to say.

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