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May 07, 2019
What I’ve learnt from university as a degree apprentice.
By: Kathryn Pearce
Kathryn Pearce

Going to university whilst working is obviously a different experience to that of studying full time. This is not to say it’s better or worse; just different. In this blog post I’m going to give you the low down on all things uni and social.

Which university do you attend and what do you study?

At recruitment events I’m always being asked which uni I go to and what is it I study? Rightly so, this is probably one of the most major aspects of a degree apprenticeship and something you should be informed about before applying. I receive tuition from QA, the course is affiliated with the University of Roehampton and I study a BSc in Digital and Technology Solutions with a focus on Network Engineering. What this means is the training provider QA provide me with the learning materials for my course, this comes in the form of online videos, textbooks, quiz questions and four face-to-face lecture days every 10 weeks. What I’m learning at uni is immediately applicable to the workplace. Not to confuse you further, but the course has recently changed to a new degree provider so please check before applying.

What to expect from the social life?

On the Accenture apprenticeship scheme there’s a large intake each year so you soon become close and develop strong friendships. In addition, there are tons of other students on similar schemes at other companies that you get the chance to mingle with when attending your lectures. After which, a group of us often head over to a local pub across the road from QA to have a couple of beers. Of course, this is just a small element of the social side because at Accenture, there will be your project, Christmas and summer socials to attend as well. Although QA don’t offer any clubs or societies, Accenture has this covered. I’m part of the public speaking and netball club which means I generally have one and sometimes two events each week.

How many hours do you spend studying?

The number of hours I spend studying each week can vary depending on how familiar I am with the module. I take every Friday as a study day which means I spend a good portion of my day watching video learning material provided by QA; I find visual learning is an effective technique. However, because the course is largely distance-learning this enables a flexible approach. Sometimes I’ll put in the extra hours earlier in the week in order to have more free time at the weekend. In summary, I’m having a great university experience for which I don’t have to take out a student loan and I’m earning a salary with a prospect of a graduate level job on completion. What’s not to like!

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