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February 29, 2016
My Accenture Experience in a Flash
By: Laurence Freeman

Only three weeks went by from sending of my application to receiving my offer. I remember searching through Accenture’s website memorising case studies to use at the interview as a hopeful graduate after I’d finished my master’s degree. There is plenty of advice online on how to prepare and you’re paired with a buddy (someone who already works at Accenture) to ensure you make the most of your assessment centre. I wouldn’t worry about it if I was you. There is no right fit or “Accenture” type. Just good people! I started on the 5th of October and never looked back.

The training differs depending on your programme, alignment and well, business need! I personally spent two weeks training in London. Surprisingly, part of the orientation and induction (O&I; you will get used to the plethora of acronyms!) was beer pong, playing with playdough and memorising the different countries within the African continent! The best part of the training was being surrounded by 80 odd fresh faced Analysts. I’ve made so many good friendships since I’ve started here and I absolutely loved the faculty that taught us during those two weeks. Your London training is mostly about building your confidence within Accenture and to help you build that everlasting network that we so very much cherish - our start groups.

The second half of your training is within a global training facility. I went to Chicago for two weeks (the Q centre) after my two weeks in London. This part of the training was more of an introduction to management consulting, presentation skills and how we add value to our clients and customers. These two weeks were the highlight of my career at Accenture so far. Now at this point, I was fed so much I had forgotten how to cook. But exploring Chicago with my start group and learning how to add real value to our clients was an unforgettable experience (look forward to the stretch limos everywhere). Also, look out for other Analyst’s experiences as some go to Bangalore!

First role
My first role was within business development within Accenture’s Digital practice. I helped a Senior Manager collect and collate research to propose new work to a large security organisation. I worked on drones, facial recognition and data analytics. This was for two weeks.

Second Role
After my work within the defence industry, I was chosen to undertake a project within the aerospace and defence industry. I’ve been with this large defence company for two months now and have taken on a lot of responsibility. Outside of my project, I co-lead our health and wellbeing practice for my particular group and do volunteer work with our Accenture Development Partnership (if you haven’t heard about ADP, research it). Another exciting opportunity I had was participating in the aerospace and defence’s dragons den and managing to secure some investment in my idea of facial recognition software!

I hope you guys appreciate my whistle stop tour of my Accenture life and I wish you the best of luck in your application.

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