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March 09, 2016
My First Role
By: Karina Vorontsova-Heys

For my first project, I was approached for a role in the Sales Support Team as a Proposal Support Analyst. So what does this team even do? Before Accenture can even start working with a client on a project, we must bid for the opportunity against our competitors, explaining why we are the best suppliers to work on this project. The Sales Support Team does not sit in any specific industry group, and works across all industries and areas (management, technology, digital etc.) My role would be to support the Bid Teams; writing standard content for proposals all the way through to proposal management, where I am responsible for the proposal document and ensuring that all team members are on track with any deadlines. I would be working with a lot of Managers and Senior Managers as part of the Bid Teams, and I would also be working across all five industry groups. As I was still unsure which industry/service I wanted to go into, this role sounded perfect for me as I could really identify an area I would be interested in. Before joining the team, the Manager urged me to talk to a few Analysts on the team so that I could really get an honest opinion of the role! Even though I was already sold (no pun intended), the other Analysts also informed me we’re based in the Accenture offices and have a really good view of the Shard from our window; what else could I want?

In my first couple of weeks on the team I took part in the induction training, which included meeting the rest of the team (onshore and offshore) through individual meetings and calls, completing online training and completing ‘mock proposals’ for my allocated Buddy to informally review with me. I found it a great introduction to the team, where nothing big was expected from me and I just had to ‘soak up all the knowledge like a sponge’! My Buddy was also an Analyst who joined the team six months ago like me, and she also sent me some standard content questions to complete as soon as possible to get some front line support experience. My team are very welcoming, but if I ever had a really silly question I didn’t hesitate asking my Buddy as she had been through exactly the same experience as me a few months earlier.

In my second month, I highlighted my interest in education and health and public service to the Demand Manager. Soon I found myself working on a proposal in the education sector; an exciting new opportunity for Accenture, and obviously for myself having a background in teaching. The Bid Team was quite a small team so there was plenty to do, and I was in charge of owning the document and chasing the content owners for their respective sections. This can be very difficult when the content owners are Managers and above; but it really highlighted to me that it doesn’t matter which level you are at Accenture – you will be vital in the job you do. Skills include time management (and judging the deadlines of other team members), proof-reading and editing the entire proposal, and being open to picking up sections that people might be struggling in! I am now the first point of contact for the client, and liaise with the Bid Team to ensure all communication and documents are sent through so that we can win the opportunity!

Overall, I feel very lucky to be in this role. It’s not the typical client facing consulting role, but I work with different Bid Teams and clients every week so everything moves very quickly indeed! It’s an exciting place to be as I get to see all the opportunities that come through to Accenture first hand, and I experience all the decisions that take place at this level. Right now, I’m just thrilled to be learning about everything that goes on in every industry group at Accenture!

Photos don’t do my desk view any justice.

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