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May 11, 2016
My Journey to Accenture
By: Justyna Sabinicz

Hi there!

My name is Justyna and I’ll be writing this blog to share with you what life at Accenture is really like. In this first post I’ll be writing about how I started working here and what it was like at the beginning before I joined my first project.

Last summer I graduated from City University London with a BEng degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I learned about opportunities at Accenture from my university newsletter. I have always been into technology and enjoyed programming so without much thinking, I applied for to the Software Engineering Graduate Programme.

In July I was invited for an interview which consisted of two parts:

  • Skills based, where my programming experience was discussed as well as the knowledge of the latest technology innovations

  • HR, where my personality and ability to deal with difficult situations was assessed.

The two people that conducted the interview were wonderful and had a very positive attitude – they made sure I didn’t feel intimidated.

I was offered the job soon after and I started working at Accenture in August 2015. All the joiners were invited for an induction on the first days. By all I mean from entire UK. It was a great experience to meet so many likeminded young people and it also allowed us to network. During the induction we were told everything we needed to know about Accenture – from the HR information, through opportunities available, to what our job would involve. There were also graduates from previous years who shared their experience. At one point we were even taught the ‘in-office’ stretching exercises and ways to keep our spine healthy!

After the induction we were assigned to two different groups for either Testing or Java training. I have joined the Testing group. The training led to a certification ISTQB-BCS test which I have successfully obtained.

Post the training I started looking for a role. Nevertheless it took me some time so I started looking to expand my skills so I could apply for broader range of role. The best thing about Accenture is a huge library of online courses, books, recordings and any other trainings which is available to any employee. It allows you to expand your knowledge and capabilities whenever you want to if you have spare time. :) So that way I was able to start learning more advanced Testing and Java.

After some time I was offered a role as a VBO for Excel developer. Since there was still some time before the project started, I took the opportunity to upskill myself in this area. Again, the Accenture training database was of great use.

To sum up - Accenture is a great place not only to work but also to learn. Next time I will be writing about the Excel VBO project and… what comes after :)

Thank you for reading!


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