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June 07, 2016
My First Project
By: Justyna Sabinicz

Hi there again!

In my last post I wrote a little bit about myself, how I started working at Accenture and also mentioned the learning opportunities I have been given so far.

My first project was at a large insurance company as a Visual Basic Developer and I was quite lucky as it was based near where I lived. The project was around the consolidation of multiple Excel files used within different lines of the business into one standardised file with improved features. Even though I knew Visual Basic I had never used it in Excel before so it was a completely new experience for me.

When I joined the project, the requirements gathering process was not yet complete. Therefore I have assisted the Business Analyst (BA) in completing this stage. The project was quite small and the project leader was only part-time. Therefore both I and the BA had to manage our time and work efficiently. Moreover, since the team on the project was very small, we were directly involved in meetings with the client stakeholders.

Once the requirements were gathered I was asked to create a Solution Design. To do that I was using not only the requirements from the client – I also had to include the budget limitations. The design and requirements were revised by client’s stakeholders. They then gave their thoughts on the design. In order to meet their expectations the project timelines had to be revised. I had to consider all development tasks and the effort involved to provide estimations and required additional time on the project.

The project was a great lesson of self-management. I dived straight into a real-project life. It required a lot of confidence and persuasion skills when talking directly with the client’s stakeholders so it was a wonderful opportunity to improve in this area. Although we had learnt about the stages of the project during the on-boarding training, it was great to put that knowledge into practice. Finally, I have greatly improved my Visual Basic in Excel programming skills.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post. Next time I will write about the practice I joined in Accenture, where I have broadened my programming skills set by a new emerging technology.

Thank you for reading!


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