September 13, 2016
By: Joshua Edwards

So where to begin? I joined Accenture in August 2015, so I have been here for over a year now and what a great experience I’ve had so far! I’ve met so many great amazing people and visited so many places I never thought I would, staying in great hotels, traveling across the country, living the Accenture dream!

On my first day in August 2015 I was told to meet all of the other graduates in London for the two day introductory session and set up. It was an interesting two days filled with networking, learning and socialising I stayed in the Tower Bridge Hotel right next to the Tower of London and got to see the sights after we finished for the day. The training was fast paced with many acronyms which you tend to pick up fast and over time.

When I first arrived in Newcastle at the Newcastle Delivery Centre (NDC) we were given two weeks intensive training in Java, which I found very similar to C# and didn’t really feel tested when learning this. I remember feeling that I wanted to get stuck in straight away and jump straight onto a project. During this time I started off the graduate networking group which has since rocketed to 80+ members and has now joined in with the Year One Network. After the two weeks I was on the bench for a month, I used this time to upskill and progress in my own time and learn some new cutting edge technologies while I was awaiting a role.

My first role was with the mobility team where I led the development on a Content Manage System which I designed and built for a reputable well known children’s charity, using such technologies as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AngularJS, PHP, MySQL, and hosted on a Linux AWS server. We also created a Hybrid Mobile App which was great to have a go at some mobile development using the same technologies. My second role was also with the mobility team designing and creating a CMS (Client Management System) for a Managing Director for the Millennial 2020 initiative.

During my time with the mobility team Accenture sent me to the graduate core school in Madrid for two weeks. I got to stay in a fantastic 4 star Eurostar hotel which had a spa, which got used most days after the intensive training! The training covered all of the different walks of life within Accenture and included tests and collaborative team work. During the two weeks here I came first place out of all of the graduates who attended and had the chance to network with Reg Williams. Through meeting Reg, it’s been possible for me to move into Technology Architecture (TA) within the NDC which was my next role.

A couple of weeks after the trip to Madrid, I had a TA interview, to discuss my move into TA. I then had a further interview who confirmed my move into TA and I joined the team a few weeks later. Since joining the TA team I have had the chance to get involved with the Innovation Team for the Health and Public Services industries and put together a remote 3D printing concept while awaiting my security clearance for another project. The remote 3D printing project was a very innovative experience - watching a 3D printer create an object that you have designed never gets old. The project contains a Raspberry Pi which runs a server which can remotely control the 3D printer. The server is then connected to a dashboard which you can view a live feed of the printer and print requests sent to it. The print requests are sent to the dashboard from a Hybrid Mobile App. All of the users can have the rights to prints managed within another system called pixie. On pixie you can view lots of other statistics available and user management services surround the whole solution.

While on the NPS team I have been able to work with some amazing motivated individuals and have a learnt a great deal from many of the senior members of the team. I have become the SME for a code generation tool called CODeR, which I have re-designed and added new features to help the 300+ internal developers. Outside of my day to day role I’ve helped to create and build up the Year One Network, often involved with extra-curricular events and activities. I’ve been involved with raising awareness for team leads for the Mental Health Allies Network. I have also been involved with the TAG group and have demonstrated the 3D printer to 300+ people. And also play an active role in recruiting new people into Accenture.

All in all I have had a busy and successful year at Accenture and have enjoyed every moment of it so far! The best advice I can pass on is from Damien Corneal – “Network, network, network.”, and Olly Benzecry – “You may be good at what you do, but who knows you are good at what you do?”.

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