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March 09, 2016
Ground Zero
By: Jared Osei Miller

Hi to all excitedly reading my debut blog post. This will be a monthly update of my journey both in and outside of work

My first instalment, will be a brief introduction to myself and my Accenture driven journey so far so (don’t worry, there’s plenty more to come). So, first things first. I’m a recent Loughborough graduate with an International Business degree, but if you think uni is the best time of your life, wait until you go to Chicago.

A keen sportsman and lifter (notice the Loughborough influence, I’m a Londoner born and bred who joined as an Analyst after undertaking my Industrial Placement year here where I worked on projects within the communication, media and technology industries with some global communications companies.

My first role upon my return is at an international utilities company. This is noteworthy as utilities was not my preferred service group or destination and during my first two weeks I wasn’t sure if it was for me. However almost three months later I’m seeking an extension, have built relationships and learned a great deal more about life as an Analyst and also about something I knew nothing about only a few months ago.

This leads me to my point of: whatever the client is and the project is you will always learn something new on a project and there will always be chances to move on in the future. ‘You never know until you try’ has never held a truer tone than at Accenture.

If I could recap my first month at Accenture it essentially reinforced the reasons I joined the company in the first place. The people were incredible, there exists an environment which fosters networking and the ability to drive your own career - something which is particularly encouraged at Accenture and well, the training was alright too I guess ;).

From the moment I walked into the training room on the first day and as I and my new colleagues exchanged ‘interesting facts’, I realised there were so many walks of life in the room and that has been a staple of what I have seen whilst on my project also. I work with other Analysts from Spain, Poland, Ireland and Brazil. Whereas the wider team incorporates members from Russia, India and so on. This fusion of culture has taught me a lot already and makes going to work almost dare I say it, enjoyable.

An introduction to myself, my project and training experience has been brief, and in my next instalment I will outline a bit more about the process of training and my Chicago experience, but for now I’m signing out.


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