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June 24, 2016
How digital is reshaping customer engagement
By: Joy Bhattacharya

Empowering your Salesforce

Digital is completely reshaping customer engagement. It’s also redefining sales organisations as they strive to fuel the growth engine by delivering an engaging experience, whenever and wherever the customer needs it, fulfilling the omni-channel promise.

It’s Not Automation. It’s Personal

There is no shortage of tools available to assist sales representatives (sales reps) in their day-to-day performance and a large majority of organisations have deployed tools across the entire sales process:

  • 81% use tools to identify new sales leads

  • 60% use tools to generate proposals

  • 83% use tools for configuration, price, quote (CPQ)

  • 77% use tools to capture signature in order to close a deal

However, key metrics from the Global CSO Insights: 2015 Sales Performance Optimisation Study show that the number of sales reps making the quota is falling and confidence in achieving targets is low, at 60%. This shows that, despite companies’ broad investment in sales tools and automation, return on investment from these tools is falling short.

A recent study by Accenture into this conundrum identified a significant gap in sales priorities between CSOs and the sales teams on the ground. The research further identified that, while sales force tools have evolved, bringing more features to reps, many of them see sales tools as a barrier rather than a performance enhancer, and the majority are not fully leveraging their sales tools’ capabilities.

The Solution: Rethinking Sales Tools with Service Design

The findings of the report showed that a new approach is required to enable engaged customer conversations and enhance sales force performance, and ultimately to magnify the sales talent resident within each individual.

Accenture believes there are three key dimensions to transforming organisations’ approach to tools to increase adoption:

  • Engagement Experience

  • Data Identification

  • Personalised Flexible Selling Platforms

Take a look at the infographic below to find out more.

Download the full report on Empowering your Salesforce.

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